With things that last, less is more.

18 April 17

One of ur customers came to us one day, asking us to repair a Livid he had been wearing for approximately two years. The fades looked absolutely amazing, and we wanted to use it as inspiration for our upcoming collection of washed garments. He hesitantly lent us the jeans, and we immediately sent his jeans to be replicated. As time went on he asked for when it would be returned. As his jeans was still in Portugal we offered to give him a brand new jeans in exchange for his old pair; an offer most people would jump on. But he would not have it. He wanted his jeans back, because to him it wasn't just a pair of jeans. With things that last, less is more.

Livid + Frances Wave

20 February 17

Dear friends,

Once again we invite you all to a concert in our store with the incredible Frances Wave! The sound of Frances Wave resembles the sound of Kasabian and Queens of the Stone Age. Mixed together with an originality, an obvious joy of playing and a lovely tune comp, it is obvious that rock is dear to their heart.

The band was represented on both By:Larm and Trondheim Calling, in addition to receiving a nomination to this year's Urørt and getting forbildeprisen (the rolemodel-award) after having released only one single – the song "Black Star". The single gave them an enduring place on P3 as well as other radio stations, in addition to surprising interests on different streaming sites. The band has quickly attracted several prominent rock bands, and gained international attention. They have been put forward as one of the most exciting in Scandinavian music by the British music magazine NME and has contributed on several Spidergawd-gigs in Norway. Now the bands debut album is out!

P3 says:
“Frances Wave is something as rare as a Norwegian rock band that resembles epic desert-rock with airy riffs and a rock-solid comp. "Black Star" is rock. And are you a fan of Queens Of The Stone Age or The Black Keys, than you have got yourself a new favorite band.”

So please feel free to bring your good friends, and some good drinks for a grand evening at Livid, this Friday the 24.02.17. Our doors will open at 20:00! It’s going to be a mind-blowing night... hope to see you here!

All the best,

Livid + Vintage Drop

06 February 17

We have just been across the pond and handpicked thousands of amazing vintage garments in England. We’ve gone through tons of items only to bring back the finest to Trondheim. Next Wednesday 15th of February at 18.30 you can expect to find vintage such as:

- White Levis jeans (in addition to blue and black)
- Corduroy-pants in many different colors
- Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger
- Pique from Polo, Ralph Lauren
- Jackets from Polo, Tommy Hilfiger and Carhartt
- Denim dungarees
- Sherpa denim jackets from Levis, Lee and Wrangler
- T-shirts with prints
- College Sweaters and hoodies from among others, Tommy Hilfiger and Polo
- 90s crop tops for women
- Suede bomber jackets in many different colors
- Nylon jackets from Adidas, Nike, Puma and Fila
- Tweed blazers
- Biker Jackets
- Denim Dresses
- Mac jackets
- Army jackets
...and much more!

As usual, we will offer you warm and nice coffee, and we truly look forward meeting you in the shop!


Retro x Livid

13 December 16

Two weeks ago the renowned high-end and Trondheim based shop Retro had their 30th anniversary. In spirit of this celebration we got together with the team at Retro to prepare an exciting limited edition collaboration that we made by hand exclusively for their 30th year in business.

Centuries back Halley Stevenson produced canvas and fabric to local sailors and cloth-merchants. Through this, with years of experience they’ve gained tremendous experience in creating heavy-duty textiles and waxed canvas treatments. All though a pair of jeans would have been a quick fix, we’ve always had a good eye to the fabrics hailing from Halley Stevenson, and have for a long time wanted to do more accessories in our factory in Norway.

You can always tell by the marks if cows have a good environment to live in with no barbed fences. The leather will reveal if the surroundings are sound by being en even surface with little to no marks. Norwegian leather is well known by having great conditions for the cows, and with that, excellent leather. With excellent leather, giving good care and treatments to the leather is an important aspect of the process. The vegtan straps on the totes has been waxed with leather-fat prepared with pre-historic methods, and handmade by one person in a small town on the westcoast of Norway. Through time the leather will declare how it has been used, and equally to denim, it will communicate your journey beautifully. 

During the wars, when all we had was horses to carry us around, they started to mount rivets on their horse saddles to ensure more balance and precision for the soldiers. The rivets never fell of, and the working saddle has adopted this so that it can handle heavy friction. We have also used rivets and hammered them on to bond canvas and leather together, and this will ensure that the two striking materials always will be joined.

Renata, our Master Seamstress has used a single needle stitch construction throughout the entire bag, with no open seams for a clean finish. On areas that are more likely to tear more, we have taped all open seams and bar tacked all the edges for added durability and a clean and beautiful look.  With only four hands and tough materials we have created a simplistic bag in this collaboration that will last at least one decade. And we guaranty that it will.

You can find our 14 navy totes and 6 black totes in the Retro shops in Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand or online here.


Livid + Megalodon Collective

30 November 16

This Friday 2nd of December at 20.00 we'll be kickstarting December with hosting the great Megalodon Collective in our shop. If you have any plans, cancel them, gather your friends and loved ones and join us and ours for another rememberable night at Livid. 

See you on Friday! 


Welcome, Winter.

30 November 16

Now that winter is upon us, it´s time to introduce you to two of our best sellers. They both come from Red Wing, and have the acclaimed Vibram sole that ensures good grip no matter the weather. Vibram has a high durability and stability, and is therefore perfect either your streets are covered in snow or rain.

Red Wing uses a Goodyear Welt on their soles, which gives you the ability to resole the shoe when needed. This prolongs the life of your shoes by many years, and is something that we at Livid really salute!

Red Wing Harvester

Harvester is an 8-inch boot with lacing hooks that make it easy to take the shoe on and off. It is slightly curved around the ankle, and therefore gives the foot good support. It has a stylish design that fits most occasions, and by varying between having jeans over the shoe, or folded up you can get two different looks with one pair of shoes. It has an oil-tanned leather that is very durable, which makes it resistant to water and stains.

We have the Harvester in the colors Brown and Black.


Red Wing Beckman

Beckman is named after Charles Beckman, founder of Red Wing. He wanted to create a work shoe that suited his merchant status, and therefore the leather used on Beckman is a clue shinier than on the Harvester boot. There lies work in getting the polished surface on the leather and that’s why they only use top quality leather when conducting this process. Beckman is a 6-inch boot, and thus have a medium height. It has a classic look and is a shoe you can use both to work, everyday, hiking and party!

We have Beckman in the colors Black Cherry, Chestnut and Cigar.

Love & Care
To ensure that your boots will last decades you need to treat them with some love and care. We have a wide range of Red Wing products that are perfect to keep them in great shape.


Would you like to join our family? We're hiring!

29 November 16

Vi opplever pågang hos Livid og søker derfor flere dyktige og kreative medarbeidere til vårt team i Trondheim! Herunder Assisterende Butikksjef / Innkjøper, Industrisyerske og tilkallingshjelper.

Til vårt team i Trondheim søker vi:
- Assisterende Butikksjef / Innkjøper
- Industrisyerske / Skredder
- Tilkallingshjelper

Assisterende Butikksjef / Innkjøper
Vi søker en dyktig og kreativ person som er strukturert og takler flere uavhengige arbeidsoppgaver. Det er positivt dersom du har tidligere erfaring innen butikkdrift samt innen salg og kundebehandling. Vi ønsker deg som er glad i å kommunisere med mennesker, er ambisiøs og drivende samt har en genuin interesse for håndverk, kvalitet og bærekraftig mote. At du er service innstilt er en forutsetning.

Du vil jobbe med salg og kundehåndtering gjennom vår flaggskipsbutikk i Trondheim, eksternt innkjøp for våre ulike avdelinger, suppleringsansvar, vare- eksponering og vareflyt, produksjonsplanlegging samt inneha en rekke andre arbeidsoppgaver som vil bistå daglig leder og hovedinnkjøper for ytterligere belastning. Stillingen vil være med på å bygge opp våre fremtidige retail destinasjoner og vil arbeide tett med daglig leder samt driftsavdelingen i Livid Jeans.

Stillingstype: 100% Fast ansettelse
Søknadsfrist: 20/01-2017

Industrisyerske / Skredder
Vi søker en dyktig, effektiv og strukturert industrisyerske med lang erfaring innen industrisøm og klesproduksjon. Vi ønsker deg som har god teknisk forståelse, sans for praktiske løsninger samt har et svært godt håndlag og jobber nøyaktig. Fagbrev eller lang erfaring er en forutsetning.

Du vil jobbe med daglig produksjon av jeans, bagger og andre bestillingsvarer samt dele ansvaret for den daglige fremdriften av vår produksjonsavdeling i Trondheim Sentrum. Stillingen innehar også det daglige ansvaret for opplæring og fremdrift som faglig leder av våre herreskredderlærlinger. Herunder hvor skredderferdigheter og materialkunnskap skal stimulere til forståelse for praktisk arbeid med ulike stoffer, teknikker, maskiner og verktøy.

Stillingstype: 100% Fast ansettelse
Søknadsfrist: 20/01-2017

Vi søker kreative og arbeidsvillige personer som er fleksible og takler flere uavhengige arbeidsoppgaver. Du bør være glad i å kommunisere med mennesker samt ha en genuin interesse for håndverk, kvalitet og bærekraftig møte. At du er service innstilt er en forutsetning.

Arbeidsmengden vil variere etter behov. Det er derfor viktig at du er fleksibel og har mulighet til å jobbe hverdager, helger samt i ferier.

Stillingstype: Tilkalling / Ekstrahjelp
Søknadsfrist: 20/01-2017

Vi kan tilby et godt arbeidsmiljø med engasjerte kolleger på en spennende arbeidsplass med gode utviklingsmuligheter. 

Kom gjerne innom butikken og si hei og send en søknad for hvorfor du kan passe godt inn hos Livid til Monica Mathiassen, Monica@lividjeans.com

Vi ser stort frem til å motta din søknad !

Hilsen oss i Livid.

Ava Blue Shadow & how she change

14 November 16

To some starting fresh with a brand new pair of raw denims, and breaking them in, is making art. To others it’s a process that gives the ability to make the jeans look exactly how you want them to look. You do not need to wait one year for a good result. But be patient, wait until you are satisfied with how they look, and then, wash them and perpetuate the result.

Monica has owned her Ava Japan Blue Shadow since June this year, and she has worn it frequently for the first three months. She gave the jeans a soak after two weeks and then gave it a wash after three weeks. The shades has changed and has developed from a deep purple indigo to a more blue shade. Where Monica has had the most friction the denim has revealed whiskers and honeycombs, leaving a beautiful contrast fading.

If you would like to know more you can have a nice read about the indigo prosess.


Dagens gavetips til farsdag fra Helene

12 November 16

I morgen er det farsdag, og denne gang er det vår nye grafiske designer Helene som har plukket ut sitt beste gavetips. 


Helene har valgt ut parfyme fra The Woods og body wash fra Baxter of California. Begge produktene passer perfekt for en maskulin og sofistikert far. Her har vi to enkle, men veldig gode produkter som en hver far alltid vil få bruk for.

Håper tipsene kommer godt med, og at dere får en fantastisk fin farsdag. 

Dagens gavetips til farsdag fra Thea

11 November 16

Nå er det kun to dager igjen til farsdag, og denne gang har Thea plukket ut sine beste tips til gave.

Thea har valgt skjorten Ragnar Wine Oxford og sorte skinnhansker fra Hestra. Denne skjorten fra høstkolleksjonen er en av Theas favoritter. Den har en utrolig fin og dyp vinrød farge. Skjorten har en klassisk passform og er fin å pynte opp, noe som passer bra nå når vi nærmer oss julebordsesong. Skinnhanskene fra Hestra er elgeskinn av beste kvalitet, foret med 100% cashmere. De har et stilrent og klassisk design, og gir et hvert antrekk den perfekte finishen.

Kom gjerne innom for flere gode tips, og ikke minst en hyggelig handel. 

I morgen er det vår nye grafiske designer Helene som skal gi deg sine beste tips til gave på farsdagen. 

Dagens gavetips til farsdag fra Tobias

10 November 16

Nå nærmer det seg farsdag, og denne gang er det Tobias som har valgt ut sine beste gavedagstips.

Tobias har plukket ut strikkegenseren "Coen brown" i beige, et par jeans i passformen Jone Japan Navy Selvage og boken "Sublime". Nå når vinteren nærmer seg er det godt med en litt varmere genser, og da er denne genseren i 100% italiensk merinoull perfekt for kalde vinterdager. Jone Japan Navy Selvage er en passform som passer de fleste, og det at den er såpass mørk i fargen gjør at den er fin både til hverdag og til de litt penere anledningene. Boken "Sublime" er en fin gave til fedre som interesserer seg litt ekstra for japansk design, interior og arkitektur.

I morgen kommer det gode tips fra vår hyggelige butikkmedarbeider Thea.

Dagens gavetips til farsdag fra Monica

09 November 16

På søndag er det farsdag, og her på Livid har vi selvfølgelig samlet de beste farsdagstipsene.
Monica, Livid's assisterende butikksjef er førstemann ut, og dette er hennes beste tips til gave.

Monica har plukket ut skjorten Norman Pyramid Indigo, et par skinnhansker fra Hestra og ullsokker i merinoull fra Red Wing.Monica har valgt ut denne skjorten fordi den har et helt særegent print, samtidig som det er en fin hverdagsskjorte i en litt lettere kvalitet. Fine skinnhansker blir man alltid glad for, og her har Monica plukket ut sine favoritter fra Hestra. Hanskene er håndlaget til oss fra Hestra sin table-cut kolleksjon, og består av carpincho lær og er foret med 100% cashmere. Ullsokkene fra Red Wing er en av de tykkeste sokkene Red Wing tilbyr, og er den perfekte gaven til fedre som fryser litt ekstra på beina. 

I morgen kommer det gode tips fra Tobias, som er vår flittige butikksjef.

Newest shades: Jone

26 October 16

Jone has arrived with three new shades; Jone Japan Navy Selvage, Jone Japan Blue Selvage & Jone Japan Daze to Black. 


Jone Japan Navy Selvage

Navy Selvage has a dry finish with a 12,5 oz denim from Kuroki japan. The denim consist of 99% cotton and 1% Polyester. The colour is deep dark blue, which is suitable to everything. 


Jone Japan Blue Selvage

Blue Selvage has a dry finish with a 12,3 oz denim from Kuroki japan. The denim consist of 100% cotton and has a blue dyed warp, and a light cold indigo weft. This gives the jeans a very popping effect. 



Jone Japan Daze to Black 

This jeans is made with 98% Cotton and 2%Polyester. The 12 oz. denim is from Kuroki in Japan. The denim has a indigo dyed warp and a black reactive dyed weft which gives a cold deep blue tone.


These will soon be available on our online store too. 


Livid + Toilldag

19 October 16

Førstkommende lørdag går høstens Toilldag av stabelen.

Vi er ”toillat” og kjører 1 for 600,- og 2 for 1000,- på en mengde jeans og skjorter, 60% på ullfrakker og 50% på Vans og Pendleton. I tillegg har vi tatt ned de eksklusive samplene våre, slik at du får mulighet til å sikre deg skjorter eller jakker som ingen andre har!

Vintageavdelingen vår bugner etter siste handletur i Paris, så vi knuser på med 10% på HELE vintageavdelingen! Så nå har du en ekstra mulighet til å få med deg vintage Levis-jeans, denimskjorter, inkaskjorter, denimjakker, semskede bomberjakker, skinnskjørt, mohair cardigans m.m til en god pris!

- Live-musikk og kaffe fra lokal-kafe klokken 08!!!
For å toppe stemningen kommer de nyoppstartede Sellanraa Bok og Bar som har stort fokus på gode råvarer og kultur, og lager nydelig varm kaffe. I tillegg kommer den trivelige trubaduren Henrik Elvis Hepsø som skal spille norske viser, og fylle fabrikken vår med god musikk. 

Hver dag frem til Toilldagen avslører vi bilder av flere tilbudsvarer på facebook eventen vår – stay tuned. Men husk, dette er kun et utvalg på hva vi kan tilby. Tilbudene må virkelig sjekkes ut. 

Vi håper å se deg på lørdag, når vi åpner dørene klokken 09.00!!!

Velkommen inn til oss.

Mixtape: Warm Autumn Acoustics

03 October 16


The weather is getting colder, and soon the leaves will fall and cover the ground with all its colour. Autumn brings its own tunes of warm coffee and comforting wool. We have created a mixtape for you to get a soft start on the season. Here´s some Autumn Acoustics headed your way.



Introducing: Shadow on the run

13 September 16

I want to introduce a very talented Instagram photographer who has been collaborating with us, from England. She is an inspiring wanderer who has a great sense of details and atmospheric scenery. Looking at her imagery will make you dream of water, mountains and crisp air. 

The brilliant @shadowontherun writes about her journey to Lofoten and her experience with Livid. 

Enjoy her artistic calm creation.

This story begins when a city girl with an on-going obsession with travelling North, decided to set for a remote part of Norway above the Arctic Circle: Lofoten Islands, Nordland.

Accompanied by my camera and husband, who shares my passion for stormy and moody travel destinations, I started a week-long journey to photograph the location's rugged scenery.

The mission: capturing the heart and soul of the islands while wearing pieces from Livid's FW collection, highlighting the strong connection between the brand and Norway's dramatic landscape.

And what landscape it was.

In the space of a week we explored fisherman’s cabins, dramatic mountains and white sandy beaches going for as far as the eyes can see.

Wearing Livid Jeans felt very natural throughout our journey and the fabric seemed to colour-match the islands' natural tones and textures.

Denim for me is such a timeless material, it's meant to last very long in life and accompany you to all sorts of adventures around the world. 

It's meant for wood trails and getting muddy when you climb rocks for fun under the rain.

Or when you suddenly decide it's a good idea to run barefoot in the sand and see how cold is the water you shouldn't have to worry about your jeans getting wet.

Just "roll them up" and have fun no matter the season or the weather, Norwegian style.


Weaves of texture : Coen

06 September 16

The season is starting to get colder and darker as we reach this year´s end. In these times we need to create space for our warmer garments and cover for a chillier period. We are out with our new Fall/Winter collection tinted with the blush from the two seasons and with a touch of a warmer travel.

Coen is made at a small family owned factory outside the city of Barcelos in Portugal. Handmade on non-automated industrial machines, and crafted by only a handful of experienced craftsmen- and women. Before it is knitted in Portugal, the wool is created with 100% extra fine merino wool spun by Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia in Italiy.

Stay warm.


Adventures: Livid Kick-Off

06 September 16

The weather was daring and the wind was pulling the tents. We had set up camp at Tautra, one and a half hour north-west from Trondheim. The next day we were expecting 17 dedicated ambassadors from one of our long time retailers, Carlings. 

We wanted to give time and devotion to those who have been representing Livid the best in all the different shops. We invited them to Trondheim to offer them a personal insight to who we are and what we do. They arrived Trondheim on a Saturday, and they arrived in our brick and mortar-shop with a good breakfast. Jens talked about how he started Livid, the ups and downs in the industry and how he wanted to create a sustainable brand with good ethics. After a nice chat they got a tour around the factory to show them how Renata, our Master Seamstress make jeans here in Trondheim. They all got a new pair of Livids, and some wanted a tailor-made fit. When they all had been given a jeans Ole took them down to his studio where he photographed them all. After the introduction and photography shoot the Carlings ambassadors and Kristoffer, Jens Olav, Frank and Ole started the trip to Tautra. They travelled  with MS Bjørnvåg, a former coastal passenger ferry during the 50’s refurbished to a boat-restaurant inspired by a mix of Norwegian culture and Japanese kaiseki cuisine, traditional Japanese cuisine. Austmann, a craft brewery based in Trondheim where also there with different types of beers for them to taste.

Arriving at Tautra, the rest of the Livid family was finished with preparing the camp. We had arranged everything  from a place to sleep, barbeque, beverages, to games, and a dear friend came and had a intimate concert out in the wilderness.

Needless to say, this will be repeated. The ambassadors were thrilled about the Livid adventure they had experienced, and we felt very happy about getting to know them more personal.



In our hearts, we will never change

26 July 16

So, a lot has changed here. We have wanted to refresh Livid slightly for quite a while, however we still wanted to keep what made us Livid and not transform into something else. If we go back though in time, we have evolved since we started, since Jens first made and sold his first jeans here in Trondheim. Like growing up, Livid has transformed into a brand with priority on quality handmade products and good ethics. Tobias, our Store Manager said a couple of weeks ago that he feels like he is contributing to something else than just selling clothes. And working with Livid he can promote a product that is made to last and promotes a production that protect the people who are actually making them. The people involved is one of the most important aspects with Livid. And to keep promoting this particular task, working towards a more and more sustainable chain of value, inspires us to keep pushing products. I think that sums up Livid quite well. I might seem a bit over the top on this, but to be a part of a willingness to change something, even if we're just a tiny part of this big industry, feels fantastic. 

Having that in mind, we have changed how we look here on our new website. We feel we have a more dedicated, grown up Livid to show you. But in our heart, we will never change.


Reflection: Change

25 July 16

Change brings opportunity. Nido Qubein

When we were little, we all changed with time. An organic process where as our needs grew, we changed in order to fulfill them. I remember my first big change came as a child when I first started walking. I don’t remember exactly when I took my first step, but then again no one really does. This natural evolvement in life is so rapid and your body is in such a hurry to catch up with the grown ups, and all the knowledge they’ve earned through time. What I do remember though is the first time when I’d comprehended how to tell the time. The look on my mother’s face when I told her was priceless, and I felt so insanely proud. I still remember it, like glue on paper. 10 past 10.

As everything else, a gradual development when growing is important, and with Livid, it is no exception. We’ve grown a lot the last couple of years, and have had a lot of different wishes as to what we’d like to do next to position ourselves where we feel is right. Most importantly, we have kept our core values and believes, and feel we have a straighter direction that ever before. The path we’ve taken is something that we have been waiting to show you for quite some time and we are truly proud to be where we are today. We really hope you like it just as much as we do.