Adventures: Livid Kick-Off

The weather was daring and the wind was pulling the tents. We had set up camp at Tautra, one and a half hour north-west from Trondheim. The next day we were expecting 17 dedicated ambassadors from one of our long time retailers, Carlings. 

We wanted to give time and devotion to those who have been representing Livid the best in all the different shops. We invited them to Trondheim to offer them a personal insight to who we are and what we do. They arrived Trondheim on a Saturday, and they arrived in our brick and mortar-shop with a good breakfast. Jens talked about how he started Livid, the ups and downs in the industry and how he wanted to create a sustainable brand with good ethics. After a nice chat they got a tour around the factory to show them how Renata, our Master Seamstress make jeans here in Trondheim. They all got a new pair of Livids, and some wanted a tailor-made fit. When they all had been given a jeans Ole took them down to his studio where he photographed them all. After the introduction and photography shoot the Carlings ambassadors and Kristoffer, Jens Olav, Frank and Ole started the trip to Tautra. They travelled  with MS Bjørnvåg, a former coastal passenger ferry during the 50’s refurbished to a boat-restaurant inspired by a mix of Norwegian culture and Japanese kaiseki cuisine, traditional Japanese cuisine. Austmann, a craft brewery based in Trondheim where also there with different types of beers for them to taste.

Arriving at Tautra, the rest of the Livid family was finished with preparing the camp. We had arranged everything  from a place to sleep, barbeque, beverages, to games, and a dear friend came and had a intimate concert out in the wilderness.

Needless to say, this will be repeated. The ambassadors were thrilled about the Livid adventure they had experienced, and we felt very happy about getting to know them more personal.