Black Friday

Black Friday.

We are not a supporter of the growing sales schemes that dominate the business that we are in. It is a downward spiral driven by a massive over-production of garments. This rate of consumption does tremendous damage to our planet, hurt small businesses, and is not sustainable. Not to mention the impact it has on our perception of price. Are the products that I buy even prices correctly to begin with? 

We aim to build quality products that are made under fair conditions, and uphold our responsibility in pricind them accordingly. We encourage you to invest and take care of your purchases, and uphold our responsibility to help you repair them when needed. 

This Black Friday we have no discounts. We will however give 10% of all sales to the great cause of UNICEF NORGE and welcome you to both our stores in Trondheim and Oslo for an exceptional atmosphere and pre-Christmas vibe. 

Shop with care this Friday.