In our hearts, we will never change

So, a lot has changed here. We have wanted to refresh Livid slightly for quite a while, however we still wanted to keep what made us Livid and not transform into something else. If we go back though in time, we have evolved since we started, since Jens first made and sold his first jeans here in Trondheim. Like growing up, Livid has transformed into a brand with priority on quality handmade products and good ethics. Tobias, our Store Manager said a couple of weeks ago that he feels like he is contributing to something else than just selling clothes. And working with Livid he can promote a product that is made to last and promotes a production that protect the people who are actually making them. The people involved is one of the most important aspects with Livid. And to keep promoting this particular task, working towards a more and more sustainable chain of value, inspires us to keep pushing products. I think that sums up Livid quite well. I might seem a bit over the top on this, but to be a part of a willingness to change something, even if we're just a tiny part of this big industry, feels fantastic. 

Having that in mind, we have changed how we look here on our new website. We feel we have a more dedicated, grown up Livid to show you. But in our heart, we will never change.