Introducing: Shadow on the run

I want to introduce a very talented Instagram photographer who has been collaborating with us, from England. She is an inspiring wanderer who has a great sense of details and atmospheric scenery. Looking at her imagery will make you dream of water, mountains and crisp air. 

The brilliant @shadowontherun writes about her journey to Lofoten and her experience with Livid. 

Enjoy her artistic calm creation.

This story begins when a city girl with an on-going obsession with travelling North, decided to set for a remote part of Norway above the Arctic Circle: Lofoten Islands, Nordland.

Accompanied by my camera and husband, who shares my passion for stormy and moody travel destinations, I started a week-long journey to photograph the location's rugged scenery.

The mission: capturing the heart and soul of the islands while wearing pieces from Livid's FW collection, highlighting the strong connection between the brand and Norway's dramatic landscape.

And what landscape it was.

In the space of a week we explored fisherman’s cabins, dramatic mountains and white sandy beaches going for as far as the eyes can see.

Wearing Livid Jeans felt very natural throughout our journey and the fabric seemed to colour-match the islands' natural tones and textures.

Denim for me is such a timeless material, it's meant to last very long in life and accompany you to all sorts of adventures around the world. 

It's meant for wood trails and getting muddy when you climb rocks for fun under the rain.

Or when you suddenly decide it's a good idea to run barefoot in the sand and see how cold is the water you shouldn't have to worry about your jeans getting wet.

Just "roll them up" and have fun no matter the season or the weather, Norwegian style.