Livid Fall / Winter 17

Livid originated from a fabric and construction oriented perspective that aims to preserve traditions by building products of the highest quality possible. Growing as a company may sometimes draw one in a different direction, but we've always believed in creating a fundament where the ingredient defines the product. That is the cornerstone of our business and what defines our aesthetics as a whole. 

F/W 17 adheres to the Japanese finesse in fabric construction while combining overcut shapes with classic silhouettes. The collection is - as always - built out of our wide range of bottoms, where each model compliment the other while individually targeting a specific body shape and style. 

The collection features key pieces made of a variety of fabrics focusing on both unique and acient fabric constructions as well as new fabric developments in apparel technology. F/W 17 features natural indigo dyed fabric made from both modern projectile looms as well as old style narrow shuttlelooms woven at renowned japanese mills such a Nihon Menpu, Kuroki and Collect. It also includes Portuguese suede hairsheep skin waxed for improved water resistance and primaloft insulated coats and jackets made of recycled wool as well as polyester fabrics with technical characteristics such as breathable and waterrepellent membrane bonding. 

We're proud to introduce our colour palette, cuts and some of the key pieces that defines the Livid collection for fall / winter 2017. 

We hope you enjoyed this presentation of our range of products for fall. Browse the whole collection here.