Newest shades: Jone

Jone has arrived with three new shades; Jone Japan Navy Selvage, Jone Japan Blue Selvage & Jone Japan Daze to Black. 


Jone Japan Navy Selvage

Navy Selvage has a dry finish with a 12,5 oz denim from Kuroki japan. The denim consist of 99% cotton and 1% Polyester. The colour is deep dark blue, which is suitable to everything. 


Jone Japan Blue Selvage

Blue Selvage has a dry finish with a 12,3 oz denim from Kuroki japan. The denim consist of 100% cotton and has a blue dyed warp, and a light cold indigo weft. This gives the jeans a very popping effect. 



Jone Japan Daze to Black 

This jeans is made with 98% Cotton and 2%Polyester. The 12 oz. denim is from Kuroki in Japan. The denim has a indigo dyed warp and a black reactive dyed weft which gives a cold deep blue tone.


These will soon be available on our online store too.