Welcome, Winter.

Now that winter is upon us, it´s time to introduce you to two of our best sellers. They both come from Red Wing, and have the acclaimed Vibram sole that ensures good grip no matter the weather. Vibram has a high durability and stability, and is therefore perfect either your streets are covered in snow or rain.

Red Wing uses a Goodyear Welt on their soles, which gives you the ability to resole the shoe when needed. This prolongs the life of your shoes by many years, and is something that we at Livid really salute!

Red Wing Harvester

Harvester is an 8-inch boot with lacing hooks that make it easy to take the shoe on and off. It is slightly curved around the ankle, and therefore gives the foot good support. It has a stylish design that fits most occasions, and by varying between having jeans over the shoe, or folded up you can get two different looks with one pair of shoes. It has an oil-tanned leather that is very durable, which makes it resistant to water and stains.

We have the Harvester in the colors Brown and Black.


Red Wing Beckman

Beckman is named after Charles Beckman, founder of Red Wing. He wanted to create a work shoe that suited his merchant status, and therefore the leather used on Beckman is a clue shinier than on the Harvester boot. There lies work in getting the polished surface on the leather and that’s why they only use top quality leather when conducting this process. Beckman is a 6-inch boot, and thus have a medium height. It has a classic look and is a shoe you can use both to work, everyday, hiking and party!

We have Beckman in the colors Black Cherry, Chestnut and Cigar.

Love & Care
To ensure that your boots will last decades you need to treat them with some love and care. We have a wide range of Red Wing products that are perfect to keep them in great shape.