Repair policy

Your favorite pair of jeans is probably your oldest pair, and unfortunately it won’t last forever. The more you take care of your jeans at an early stage the longer it’ll last. After months of wear your jeans will look fantastic, and they’ll have a genuine, personal and beautiful look. But they’re probably in need of some repairing. The first usual wear and tear will be crotch blowouts and butt rips. No worries!

We will gladly repair normal wear and tear on old Livid Jeans, and the first repair is free of charge. After that, charges for time and materials will apply. If you have to send your garment to us, shipping charges will be added. In addition to old Livid Jeans we can also do repairs on garments from other brands.

For repair inquiries, contact us at:
(please do not send garments in for repair before contacting us)
mail :
Phone: (+47) 406 75 442

Garments sent in for repair must be clean to insure the health and safety of our team. Garments that have not been cleaned prior to sending to Livid Jeans will be returned to the owner.

Normal lead times for repairs are 1-2 weeks from the day we receive the item. But keep in mind that we are a small company and that it may take longer during periods of high volume. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for packages lost in the mail, so – for your own safety – be sure to use carriers that provide tracking and insurance.

Please include a note with the package stating your name, the repair that needs to be done, phone number, email and physical return address. We will evaluate the garment, and if deemed irreparable we may replace it or send a gift card for the last known retail value of the piece. If the garment has sentimental value and you would like to keep it rather than replaced please make this clear on your note.

All items shipped to us for repairs will be returned in a similar fashion as they are received. All shipping charges will be at your own expense.

If you can’t send it or you have other repair inquiries that we can’t do: Contact your local tailor and get it repaired. Not only will you give more character to your jeans, – You’ll also support your local tailor.