Love & Care

Caring for your denim properly is an important step in creating your new denim wear project or just to prolong the life of your jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans is probably your oldest pair, and unfortunately it won’t last forever. Take care of your jeans, and treat it with love & care, and it will last longer.

Soak your jeans

Soaking jeans were usually referred to the “shrink to fit” concept in the old denim days, which were mostly relevant for the non-sanforized denim fabrics that would shrink multiple sizes when washed. But giving your jeans a soak before wear actually includes many advantages also to sanforized denim fabrics. Nowadays sanforized denim is the most common and will shrink from 1-3% depending on fabric. Every jeans from Livid are sanforized and will shrink 3-5 % when washed.

Soaking may prolong the life of your jeans by getting a softer fabric, which in turn may prevent crotch blow-outs and butt rips. Other advantages are removal of chemical coating and excess indigo, increased fabric density & strength and corrected stitch tension. The soak will also do wonders to the fitting as stretched seams during the production process will shrink back to its originated form. The fitting will also correct itself as it’ll shrink back in the “right” places causing the denim to form perfectly to the body.

Now, this is how you do it.

Firstly, make sure you’ve worn the jeans continuously for about a week before you soak your jeans. This will have given enough time for the jeans to stretch out and form well to your body. Then, turn your dry denims inside out, fill a tub or sink with low temperature water, and lay something over your jeans to keep it still and so the water covers all the fabric. You should only soak your jeans for 1-2 hours, before you hang the jeans to dry.

Wash your jeans

Denim as well as skin has an astounding way of telling stories through a natural fade. The aging process can be quite individual, and different fabrics will age differently depending on the characteristics of the fabric and how often you wear it, as well as how often and when you decide to wash your jeans. Frequently we get the question as to when to put the jeans in the washer, and simply put, there isn’t any rule one way or the other; Wait as longs as you want before the first wash, or wash them whenever you want! Our jeans are of high quality and will endure regular, but infrequent washing. The jeans will also - even in its raw, dry, rinsed or pre-washed form - have great potential of getting more beautiful as you wash and wear them.

Wear often, wash only when necessary
Don’t baby the good stuff! Wear your jeans often and treat them as good as you can! Wash regular, but infrequently. Dirt will build up between the cotton fibers and weaken the fabric if you wait too long between the washes. And, washing them too often will actually damage the cotton and the synthetic stretch fibers and also have impact as to how long your jeans will last.

Wash cold on low speed centrifugation
Heat and friction in the washer will in time damage the cotton and the synthetic stretch fibers. It will also have great impact on the fitting as well as the look of the jeans. Wash cold on low speed centrifugation, do not use any fabric softener and always, hand dry. The dryer will surely cease life of your jeans.

For the purists who swears to heavy fading contrasts and no washings, read about The Beauty of Dry Denim here.

Repair your jeans

Did you know all first time repairs on Livids are free of charge?

After months of wear, your jeans will look fantastic. And they will have a genuine and beautiful look that no other wash can compare with. The first usual wear and tear will be crotch blow outs and butt rips. No worries! We will gladly repair normal wear and tear on old Livid Jeans, and the first repair is free of charge. If you have to send it to us, shipping charges will be added. For repair inquiries please read our Repair Policy.

For other repair inquiries: Contact your local tailor and get it repaired. Not only will you give more character to your jeans, – You’ll also support your local tailor.

We wish you good luck on your new journey! Take care of your garment, treat it with love and care and surely it’ll last longer!