101 Eau de Parfum
560,00 kr
With Damask rose essence and absolute, this fragrance unveils fresh and floral notes, while green and spicy cardamom in the top notes adds a unique twist.
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Made in France

The 101 from Bon Parfumeur.

With Damask rose essence and absolute, this fragrance reveals fresh and floral notes. Bon Perfumeur's perfumer Alexandra Monet added green and spicy cardamom to the top notes. In the heart notes, rose is enveloped in a sweet pea accord and delicate lily of the valley to accentuate the floral touch. Musk and white cedar lend a very powdery, cottony softness to the base notes, while patchouli gives 101 definite character.

Top: Bergamot, Cardamom, Lavander

Heart: Damask rose, Lily-of -the-valley, White cedar, Sweat pea

Base: Amber, Crystal, Patchouli, Musk

Mix & Match:
You can mix 101 with 102 for a fresh and zesty touch. Or combine it with aquatic scent 801 with its notes of sea spray and grapefruit for a sensation reminiscent of the seaside.
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