Climber 2500CS Beige/White
1200,00 kr
These shoes, a true reproduction of an 80's climbing trainer, are back in production using original soles and machinery.
+ Description
Made in Slovakia.

This ZDA Climber 2500CS is a true reproduction of an 80's climbing trainer made in Slovakia in the 1980's. These shoes are finally back in production with the original soles and using the original machinery from way back.

Far more technical than the 50s cotton climbing trainer, 2100F, the 2500CS is a robust trainer that is far more reminiscent of modern trekking shoes of today, but with a clear 80's aesthetic. Constructed in durable Cordura nylon and premium suede upper, protected by a weatherised suede (suede covered with rubber) mudguard and heelcup, this shoe still performs well more than 30 years after its inception. An EVA midsole, and grippy rubber outsole ensures a comfortable trek.
+ Fitguide

Novestas fit larger than many brands, so most customers prefer to size down one size compared to regular shoes. Size down if you are in between sizes. 

See below for insole length measurements. The Star Master has a normal width compared to length.

Your heel should fit snug with no slipping. The midfoot of the shoe under your arch and over the top of your foot should be comfortably snug but not tight. You should have enough room in front of the toe box to freely wiggle your toes. 

Shoe size Insole length (cm)
35 23.1
36 23.6
37 24
38 25
38.5 25.5
39 26
40 26.4
41 26.9
42 27.8
43 28.9
44 29.3
45 29.9
46 30.7
47 31.3
+ Care

To freshen up your sneakers, we recommend lemon soap foam for easy stain removal, and På Stell's vintage spray for effective odour control.

When you need a deeper clean, we reccomend the following:
- Remove insoles and laces
- Wash by hand with light soap in luke warm water
- We do not recommend using washing machines or very hot water
- do not expose the shoes to high heat

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