Red Wing Harvester Brown

NOK 3.499,00 kr


Made in USA

Style No. 2943 Harvester
Style no. 2943 is part of Red Wings Harvester Collection. A series of 8-inch boots modeled after one of the most popular boots in the company’s history. Built with premium Black harness leather, speed hooks and a classic construction, the Harvester adds a timeless touch to any outfit.

The Harvester is based on one of the Red Wing’s most successful products in the 1930’s. Popular on both the harvest field and mining sections of the country, the Harvester helped growing the fundamentals of a nation. The 8-inch lace-up boot comes with traditional speed hooks.

Size Chart:
8 (41)
9 (42)
9.5 (42.5)
10 (43)
10.5 (43.5)
11 (44)
11.5 (44.5)

How it's made

Made by the unfailing shoe company Red Wing Shoes. Rooted in the passion for quality each items is crafted with skill and precision with the use of only premium leather from their very own S.B. Foot Tanning Company in the USA. Red Wing Shoes has stayed committed to this throughout its 100+ years of operation. A top of the line shoe that will fulfil your every needs.

Love & Care

Protect your investment

Red Wing Shoes’ sturdy soles, premium leathers, triple stitching and Goodyear welt construction all work together to make quality boots that will last a lifetime. It takes more than 230 steps to handcraft each pair of Red Wing Shoes but it only takes three steps to keep them clean, conditioned and protected.

1. Clean
Light cleaning: Use warm water and soft bristle brush to remove stuck-on dirt. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt.

Deep cleaning: For heavily soiled areas, use a clean cloth or brush to apply Red Wing Shoes Leather Cleaner. Wipe the cleaner away with a damp cloth and allow the leather to dry.

2. Condition
Apply Red Wing Shoe Boot Cream with a clean, soft cloth. Shine the boot by brushing with a soft horse-hair brush.

3. Protect
Add extra protection to preserve your footwear. Red Wing Leather Protector provides an invisible shield from water, dirt, oil and mud. To extend the life of the boots, spray them with Red Wing Leather Protector before wearing them for the first time.

Fit guide

A new pair of Red Wing Heritage boots should fit comfortably tight on your foot, with enough room to freely wiggle your toes. Over time the full grain leather upper, leather footboard and cork midsole mold to your feet, creating an enduring and customized fit over time with each wear.

The 2943 is built using the No. 8 Last:
– Features a bump toe for more room up-front
– Fits a variety of foot shapes
– Should be sized up ½ if used with a footbed or orthotic

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