Thorogood Portage Black

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Made in USA

Style No. 6522 : Portage Brown

Thorogood is a made in the US premium shoe brand, with history dating all the way back from 1892 when they opened their first shop in Milwaukee.

The 4522 Portage Brown is made of black CXL horsehide leather for incomparable quality, provided by the legendary Horween Leather Company in Chicago. Featuring a lace-to-toe construction and a comfortable Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed on Poron® 4000 Comfort Cushion. It has a rubber midsole, while the outsole is an oil resinstant Cork Sole with black Amortred Neoprene Cord Heel.

Size Chart:
8        (41)
9        (42)
9.5    (42.5)
10      (43)
10.5  (43.5)
11      (44)
11.5  (44.5)

How it's made

Made in USA by ISO 9001 Certified Shoe Company. ASTM F2892-11 Standard Specifications for Performance Requirements for Soft Toe Protective Footwear ( Non Safety / Non-Protective Toe)

Love & Care

Protect your investment

Thorogoods’ sturdy soles, superior leathers and construction all work together to make quality boots that will last a lifetime, provided that they are cared for like they are made to be

1. Clean
Light cleaning: Use warm water and soft bristle brush to remove stuck-on dirt. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt.

Deep cleaning: For heavily soiled areas, use a clean cloth or brush to apply any Leather Cleaner. Wipe the cleaner away with a damp cloth and allow the leather to dry.

2. Condition
Proper conditioning helps preserve the finish and life of your footwear. Use a Natural Boot Oil or All Natural Leather Conditioner. You can apply these conditioners with your fingers, a soft cloth or sponge.

3. Protect
Add extra protection to preserve your footwear. Use a Leather Protector to provide an invisible shield from water, dirt, oil and mud.

Fit guide

A new pair of Thorogood’s should fit comfortably tight on your foot, with enough room to freely wiggle your toes. Over time the full grain leather upper, leather footboard and cork midsole mold to your feet, creating an enduring and customized fit over time with each wear.

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