Boot Cream Oro-russet
100,00 kr
The Oro-Russet Boot cream is a blend of high-quality waxes, solvents, and lanolin formulated to lubricate leather's surface to prevent drying, increase water repellency, and add shine.
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Made in USA

97098 Boot Cream Oro-Russet

The Oro-Russet Boot cream consists of a blend of high-quality waxes, solvents, and lanolin that is formulated to lubricate the leather’s surface to prevent drying and increase water repellency, as well as to add shine. It contains dyes and was created to hide surface scuffs and scratches on Oro-Russet Red Wing smooth-finished leather.

This product works for:- All smooth finished leather in Red Wing's Oro-Russet red hue.- Examples of models in Oro-Russet are8875, 8877, 8103, 8001 to name a few.- Oro-Russet should not be confused with Red Wing's Oro-Legacy (made famous by the 875). This boot cream has a stronger red hue.- We recommend starting with a small amount of cream to ensure an even coat.
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