red wing Suede Cleaner Kit

NOK 99,00 kr


Made In USA

Item No. 97109 : Suede Cleaner Kit
Red Wing's Nubuck / Suede Leather Boot & Shoe Cleaner Kit includes a rubber-cleaning bar designed to remove marks and spots that have soiled Roughout leather. A nylon bristle brush then clears away rubber shavings and combs the nap of the Roughout back into place. 

Product features:
- For Deep clean - dampen rubber bar and heavily soiled spot and scrub. 
- Made in USA

Made by the unfailing shoe company Red Wing Shoes. Rooted in the passion for quality each items is crafted with skill and precision with the use of only premium leather from their very own S.B. Foot Tanning Company in the USA. Red Wing Shoes has stayed committed to this throughout its 100+ years of operation. A top of the line shoe that will fulfil your every needs.

Love & Care

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