15,5 Oz Japan Dry Selvage

NOK 2.199,00 kr


Estimated production deliveries are currently six to eight weeks due to high demand. Read about our production dated on "How it's made" before ordering this product. 

Handmade in Norway

The 15,5 Oz Japan Dry Selvage is available in all of our fits. 

Made from a 15,5 Oz rope dyed selvage denim woven at the renowned fabric mill, Kuroki, Japan. This particular denim is heavy and rigid, and has a beautiful look and feel to it. Through wear it'll mold beautifully to the body and will soften up after wear and tear. Pay attention that this particular garment is a bit stiff when new. 

The garment is mostly made with a single needle lockstitch construction and is designed, cut, sewn and finished by only four hands, all under the very same roof in Trondheim, Norway. 

The garment features:
- 15,5 Oz dry rigid selvage denim
- Woven at Kuroki, Japan. 
- 100% Sanforized cotton
- 3x1 twill weave
- Heavy vegetable tanned leather patch
- 8 oz heavy ecru canvas pocketing
- Coin and rear pockets reinforced with 8oz heavy canvas
- YKK two-prongtack, copper button fly
- YKK solid copper washer-burr rivets
- Mostly single lockstitch construction throughout
- Stitched with high quality poly core cotton thread
- Handmade in Trondheim, Norway

Model is 184 cm, weight 73 kg and wears a size 31/30 addison

Available sizes are 28-38″ waist, and any length from 30-42″ inseam.

How it's made

Our handmade products is the core & heart of Livid Jeans. We want to make unique products of value. Something that we can be proud of and share with our customers & friends. Our handmade line represents uniqueness and authenticity with irregular stitching giving each pair the unique character it deserves.

This particular product is made by hand, the old fashioned way. Crafted on non-automated machinery at our own factory floor in Trondheim, currently being the only established jeans factory in Norway. Mosty made with single needle lockstitch construction and only touched by four hands until reaching the end customer. Making it a unique piece of clothing to wear, be proud of and to create a new resilient relationship with.

Production dates
This particular product is a made to order product. Which means that it won’t be made until the order has been placed. Due to high demand, your pair will be cut, sewn and finished between eight to twelve weeks from the day that the order was placed. For any questions related to production dates, contact us at help@lividjeans.com

Love & Care

Caring for denim properly is an important step in creating your denim wear project or just to prolong the life of your jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans is probably your oldest pair, and unfortunately it won’t last forever. Take care of your jeans, and treat it with love & care, and it will last longer.

Soak your jeans
Giving you brand new pair of dry denim a soak at an early stage includes many advantages in prolonging the life of your jeans. After your pair has been used for a week or so, turn it inside out and give it a soak in low temperature water for maximum two hours. Let the jeans hang dry.

Machine wash
When it is time to wash your jeans. Turn it inside out and machine wash at 30 degrees celsius for minimum shrinkage. Wash with similar colors without any fabric softener. Do not tumble dry, and be sure to stretch inseams while damp to maintain preferred length. May shrink up to 5% depending on how many degrees.

Dry – or wet bleed
This particular jeans is un-washed and un-treated and will dry – or wet bleed. Be careful with rubbing against furniture or other clothing articles.

Repair your jeans
After months of wear your jeans will look fantastic but with time it may have acquired wear & tears like crotch blow outs and butt rips. No worries! Contact your local tailor and get it repaired. Not only will you give more character and life to your jeans. – You’ll also support your local tailor. If you have none, we will gladly repair the first repair on old Livid Jeans free of charge. Please read our Repair Policy for more information.

Fit guide

Fit Guide
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Fit guide

How to measure
Take measures of your favourite pair of jeans and compare them with our measuring guides. This will make it easier to determine which jeans model and size that will fit your body type and style. Uncertain of how to measure? Read our measuring guide here.

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