Red Wing Boot Cream
100,00 kr
Red Wing's leather boot cream uses high quality waxes, solvents, and added lanolin to lubricate leather's surface, prevent drying, increase water repellency, and add shine. Specifically created for Red Wing's smooth-finished leathers.
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Made In USA

Red Wing Boot Cream: Neutral, Brown or Black

Red Wing's Leather Boot Cream is designed using a blend of high quality waxes and solvents with added lanolin to lubricate the leather's surface to prevent drying and increase water repellency, and to add shine. It was created specifically for Red Wing's smooth-finished leathers as well as the exposed leather of the Roccia outsole.

Black and Brown Boot Cream contains colour dyes (black and brown) to hide surface scuffs and scratches.

Which colour to choose?

- Can be used on all colours of smooth-finished leather
- Neutral boot cream will not cover surface scuffs and scratches. Perfect to care for your shoes without changing the patina of the leather.
- The right choice to treat the exposed leather on the Red Wing's leather outsoles (Beckman, Williston etc.).

- Use on most of Red Wing's brown smooth-finished leather

- Use for all Red Wing's black smooth-finished leather
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