Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner

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Waxed & Oiled canvas cleanser.
Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Concentrated castile soap canvas cleaner comes in a 5 Oz bottle for gently cleaning both untreated and waxed canvas items. This is the perfect solution for those who have been wondering how to clean their waxed canvas items. Otter wax’ specially formulated soap is derived from all-natural plant oils, to gently lift away dirt and grime, while not disturbing the waxed canvas. All you’ll ned is a soft bristle brush and a bowl of cool water. Pour some of the canvas cleaner directly onto your brush or even the canvas itself and then dip the brush in some water. The result is a great, deep cleaning foam that attachs built up dirt, dust and grime, while not damaging your waxed item.

Otter wax’ themselves recommend using this product with their Heavy duty fabric was, which is a great way to add an additional layer of protection to any of your canvas items, and also a great way to re-proof any previously waxed items.

Note: None of the products contain actual otters. They’re a source of inspiration, not an ingredient.

How it's made

All of Otter Wax's products are made by hand in Portland, Oregon. They've made it their goal to support the community by providing local employment opportunities and purchasing bulk ingredients from local manufacturers distributors. 

Love & Care

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