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During the past 12 months we have been working on opening our value chain and make our production completely transparent. This is deeply rooted in our philosophy in garment making and how we want to conduct as a company. There needs to be a demand for information, before it is made available. And it is our responsibility to establish a foundation from which this demand can grow from. We are proud to announce that our complete chain of value now is now live and up for you to discover, and we are humble to be at the frontier of transparent production. 

Expensive. To our distress, this is a word thrown around lightly. It is a very subjective statement generally based on individual references about the cost of a product or service. While this may be the definition of the word, it doesn’t reflect the hundreds of hands generally involved in the production of a single garment, only to be labeled as expensive by someone without the big picture.

To be fair, the chain of value in the 21st century is extremely complex, and with limited information it’s hard to make a qualified statement regarding whether a product is expensive or not. Even we, who work with this on a daily basis, are struggling to get all the information and the complete picture. Our intention is to increase awareness about the whole process behind making garments and the people who make them. We strongly believe in the importance of supply chain transparency, to give you knowledge about how our clothes are made, and a better point of reference to the price you pay.

We hope that you will take the time to explore our value chain, and that we’re able to make you curious about how everything is connected! Become more aware, and discover the long journey your garments have made.

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