Henrey Japan Indigo Dusk
1000,00 kr
Our updated take on the essential denim shirt, made in a relaxed but classic fit. A bigger silhouette, not oversized, fits precisely with a generous body and longer, curved hems.
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Made in Portugal.

Henrey Japan Indigo Dusk, our updated take on the essential denim shirt. Made in our a relaxed, but classic Henrey fit. With a bigger silhouette, but in no way oversized. Henrey fits precisely in the shoulders, with a generous fit in the body and longer, curved hems. Featuring a wider collar, with a pronounced button-down collar roll, and a chest pocket.

Made in a 9 Oz heavy denim fabric woven by the artisanal mill Kowa in Japan, the Henrey Japan Indigo Dusk is washed to achieve a deep harmonious shades of indigo.

The result is a shirt with a relaxed volume, that is versatile and fits a wide array of body shapes. A modern take on what made the old Oxford shirts from the 70s and 80s so great, but in Japanese denim.

- 9 Oz wideloom denim fabric, 100% cotton.
- Woven by Kowa in Japan
- Mother of Pearl buttons from Louropel, Portugal
- Stitched with poly core cotton thread
- Cut & Sewn by Stork, Portugal
+ Care

To ensure that your garment will last and stay as nice as possible, we recommend following these simple steps when washing:

- Always unbutton and turn your shirt inside-out before washing
- Wash your garment cold, 30C, and never use fabric softener
- Don't let your laundry rest in the washing machine for a prolonged period of time after the program has ended
- Hang dry

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