Hoppin Fresh Deodorant
240,00 kr
Ursa Major's natural deodorant eliminates odour, absorbs moisture, and soothes skin. Its healthy ingredients and invigorating aroma ensure freshness throughout the day.
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Made in USA

Ursa Major's award-winning natural deodorant eliminates underarm odour while absorbing excess moisture and soothing skin. Its reliable performance, healthy ingredients and invigorating aroma will keep you fresh all day long.

Key Ingredients:

Hops: Neutralizes unpleasant odors

Aloe: Soothes and hydrates

Saccharomyces ferment: A probiotic enzyme with potent odor-absorbing properties

Kaolin Clay: A soft, mild clay used for its moisture-absorbing properties

Matricaria (German Chamomile): Soothes sensitive skin

Shea Butter: Moisturizes and soothes skin
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