Lemon Stick
149,00 kr
Experts at På Stell and Fæbrik offer clothing care products. Their lemon stick is an effective stain remover for every home, rescuing clothing from tough situations.
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The stain removing experts at På Stell team up with the sewing collective Fæbrik for this line of easy and effective clothing care products.

Their lemon stick deserves a place in every home. A quick, easy and super effective stain remover, that can rescue your clothing from a long list of difficult situations.

How to use it:
- Rub the stain with the lemon stick together with some warm water
- Let it work for a short while. If it's an old or very tough stain, let it sit with the lemon soap for a couple of hours
- Rinse the stained area with water, or give the whole garment a wash in the washing machine.
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