Mitchell Navy

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Made in Portugal

One of this season's definite essentials is the Mitchell sweater. Made from 100% extra fine merino wool. A super soft and comfortable sweater that will keep you warm as we're heading into a chillier, colder and darker season. This top of the line garment is made from Merino wool yarns spun by Zegna Baruffa in Italy before being knitted by Malhas da Torre in Portugal. 

The garment features:
- 100% Extra fine Merino Wool
- Merino wool yarn spun by Zegna in Italy
- Knitted by Malhas da Torre in Portugal
- Limited to 100 made. 

Model is 184 cm, weight 75 kg and wears a size M. 

Go to our fitguide to read more about the Mitchell.

Available sizes are Small to XXX-Large

How it's made

This particular product is from our seasonal collection line. A wide collection of uncompromising garments of high quality. Available in a variety of retailers who shares the same passion for denim and other well made products.

We take a lot of pride in having our products made in Portugal and in Europe. This enables us to frequently visit our factories to ensure continuity in quality, as well as ensuring a good working environment for the people who are involved in creating all of our products. 

Love & Care

Wool is one of the most hardwearing fabrics, with a natural stretch and breathability that allows it to dissipate any moiture it might absorb. However, for all its considerably resilience, wool can still require some care to keep it looking at its best. 

Turn inside out, and carefully follow the washing instructions attached to the garment. Handwashing or a gentle machine wash is by far the preferable cleaning method for wool in general.

Hand washing is essentially a slow soak for ten minutes followed by a rinse in warm water. To get rid of excess water, roll your garment up in a towel and gently press to absorb. Then, using a fresh towel, lay your garment out flat, preferably in the sunshine. 

Gentle machine wash
After machine-washing, gently shake and reshape and lay out flat to dry. 

If you should find yourself dealing with a potential stain, immediately apply a solvent-based stain remover such as eucalyptus oil. Apply it in small amounts, working inwards on the stain to avoid it from spreading.

Fit guide


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