Otter Wax Mosquito Repellent

NOK 219,00 kr


Natural Shine Leather Oil
Handmade in Portland, Oregon

A thoughtful blend of pure essential oils that naturally repels bugs, mosquitoes, and insects. This all-natural formula contains no DEET, petroleum, or synthetic chemicals - so it's safe and effective for all. Smells great, and (most importantly) works instantly.

Shake well before each use. Spray anywhere on body that might be exposed to insects, keeping away from eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

How it's made

All of Otter Wax's products are made by hand in Portland, Oregon. They've made it their goal to support the community by providing local employment opportunities and purchasing bulk ingredients from local manufacturers distributors. 

Love & Care

Read the Love & Care guide under each product to find out how to use this product. 

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