Pate De Luxe - Mid Brown
145,00 kr
Saphir's Pâte De Luxe is crafted with the finest natural oils and waxes, designed to clean, nourish, and protect while ensuring a high-gloss shine on leather goods.
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Made in France

Saphir's Pâte De Luxe wax polish is a unique traditional formulation. The finest natural oils and waxes are used to achieve superior cleaning, nourishing, and protection while producing a high-gloss shine to leather goods.

Pâte De Luxe, one of Saphir Medaille d’Or’s most iconic products, is specially formulated to obtain a ‘glaçage’ or ‘mirror shine’ on the toecap of your shoes.The pigments have been chosen for their colouring and penetrating properties as well as their transparency. Pâte De Luxe wax polish allows you to obtain an incomparable patina by applying different shades of colour to the leather surface.Renowned shoemakers use this formulation during the shoe finishing process so by applying Pâte De Luxe as part of your shoe care routine, you will help prolong the optimal appearance of your shoes.


Brush the item to remove any dust or dirt.

Apply a small amount of Pâte De Luxe with a cotton chamois cloth or the Spreading Brush to reach the welt seams and enable nourishment and protection of this delicate area.

Massage gently to allow Pâte De Luxe to nourish and provide maximum protection to the leather.

Apply one or two coats of Pâte De Luxe to the entire shoe.

Leave to dry for five minutes between coats.

Gently polish the leather with a bristle brush.

For a high-gloss finish, apply additional coats to the toe and heel. Avoid over-application to the vamp of the shoe because excessive movement can crack the wax coating.
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