Hestra Winston Elk Natural Yellow

NOK 1.399,00 kr


Made in USA

Elk leather is a durable leather with good insulation and has a beautiful grain. It is a typical Scandinavian material with a lot of unique properties. It is thick and warm but at the same time smooth and supple. The grain is a bit sensitive to abrasion but Hestra think that potential scratches give the glove a beautiful and natural look. Elk leather is suitable for heavier gloves and is only used in their Sport Classic line.

How it's made

An International Family Business founded in 1936 in Sweden.

Design and development of Hestra gloves is made at the headquarters in the town of Hestra, Sweden. To ensure control of the entire production chain and the high level quality of their product, Hestra gloves are manufactured in their own factories where as they also source and buy all their leather, fabrics, wool and other materials. In 2015, Hestra produced about 2 million pairs of gloves. The company has about 45 employees at their headquarters in Sweden and sell to over 30 countries world wide.

Hestra's owners and managers are the brothers Claes and Svante Magnusson. They're two sons each - the fourth generation of Magnussons - who works in the company as well.

Love & Care

Hestra gloves are made to last. With some love and care they'll last even long. Good for you, good for the environment.

1) Grease the leather regularly and it will resist moisture as well as wear and tear better. Moisten the leather a little first. Use a polishing cloth and rub in the grease until the leather is saturated. Do this in the evening and the grease is absorbed during the night.

2) If you have gloves with breathable materials like GORE-TEX©, you should avoid silicone impregnation. It clogs the pores and reduces the material’s breathability.

3) With the carabiner clasp that comes with some models, you can easily attach the gloves to a backpack. In that way, you don’t risk losing them, and they can dry without losing shape.

4) Dyed leather may stain clothing when wet, so don’t place a wet glove on other garments. Choose a model with a natural leather color if you do not want to risk bleeding.

5) Gloves rarely get damaged while skiing. Instead, the edges of skis and boot buckles are normally the cause of damage to your gloves. Be careful when handling your skis or boots!

Fit guide

The size of Hestra's gloves are measured in british inches. To find your size you need to measure the circumference around your palm at its widest point.

18.5 - 19.7 cm : Glove size 7 1/2
19.8 - 21.0 cm : Glove size 8
21.1 - 22.2 cm : Glove size 8 1/2
22.3 - 23.5 cm : Glove size 9
23.6 - 24.8 cm : Glove size 9 1/2
24.9 - 26.0 cm : Glove size 10

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