Autumn coats

when the cold wind owls and the air is giving you a cold embrace, 
it is time to take cover with a comforting and warm coat.


19 Oz 100% cotton rope dye selvage denim from japanese mill, Kurabo. This heavy but soft denim has a deep dark indigo shade due to its added black sulfur top dye. Rope dyeing combined with a black sulfur top dye will give high contrast fading when worn as the white core of the cotton yarns has been preserved during the dyeing process. This particular product is made by hand, the old fashioned way. Crafted on non-automated machinery at our own factory floor in Trondheim. 

This denim starts out with a beautiful deep dark indigo shade and transforms into a green casted shade when worn over time. Pay attention that this garment is quite heavy and stiff when completely new from our production facility in Trondheim, Norway. Read more about the indigo process here.

Have a look at our Made in Norway collection here.

Made in Norway & the indigo process

When wearing your jeans, and the fabric is exposed to friction, the colour will slowly tear off layers and layers of indigo dye, eventually causing the raw white cotton core of the yarns to appear. Leaving a beautiful contrast fading, such as whiskers and honeycombs on the upper thighs and behind the knees and generally on the most exposed areas. It leaves a beautiful fade made just by you!

While some jeans are made with twenty or even hundreds of hands, our jeans are made with only four. Mostly crafted with hand felled seams and cut and sewn together with only a few handpicked industrial machines. All of which has contributed in different factories all over Norway throughout our country’s textile history.


Our low rise skinny fit model. The Edvard is skinny from hip
to the leg opening. It sits low on the hip, as a normal placed back yoke
and a back pocket placement high enough to fit most bodies. 
A classic skinny fit with a narrow leg that fits a broad range of
fferent body shapes and styles.

This is our chain of value

“Where are these jeans made?”. We hope you appreciate this brief insight into our chain of value, and the work that lies behind making a pair of jeans. Our intention is to give you a better point of reference to the price of the clothes you buy, as it’s very complicated and the information is scarce. We also hope we will make you curious and that you will keep asking questions; not only to where the product is made in the conventional sense, but where and how all aspects of the production is done. Admittedly, our information is not complete. Read more to find out why.

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Coffee table books

Lose yourself amidst endless horizons, within the infinite space,
or on a tall and welcoming wave. 
Get inspired by our broad range of
books and magazines.

Our home

The steady buzz of old machinery at work. Freshly brewed coffee and a faint hint of campfire incense fills the air. The tailor is taking notes and measures while listening to a customer’s expectations for a brand new pair of bespoke jeans, while newly packed boxes of Livids are hastily carried down the stairs to meet the postage deadlines. In the basement, young newlyweds are rushing past old vintage clothing to reach their appointment at the photographer’s studio. This is the Livid headquarters. This is our home.

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From our diary

Livid + Toilldag

19 October 2016

Vi gleder oss stort til Toilldagen førstkommende Lørdag! Følg Facebook-eventen for nye tilbud og bilder hver dag frem til den store dagen! Velkommen til oss!

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Mixtape: Warm Autumn Acoustics

3 October 2016

The weather is getting colder, and soon the leaves will fall and cover the ground with all its colour. Autumn brings its own tunes of warm coffee and comforting wool. We have created a mixtape for you to get a soft start on the season.

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Introducing: Shadow on the run

13 September 2016

I want to introduce a very talented Instagram photographer who has been collaborating with us, from England. She is an inspiring wanderer who has a great sense of details and atmospheric scenery. Looking at her imagery will make you dream of water, mountains and crisp air.

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Weaves of texture : Coen

6 September 2016

The season is starting to get colder and darker as we reach this year´s end. In these times we need to create space for our warmer garments and cover for a chillier period.

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