Yuketen’s Johnson Oxford is a low-cut variation on Yuketen’s take on the classic Boondocker boot, reinterpreted through Yuki Matsuda’s design perspective. A cap toe with subtle perforation detailing in addition to the ever popular Vibram Christy sole bring this military classic into contemporary style and practicality.

Each shoe is Goodyear-welted in Canada with classic American machinery. The upper is crafted from rich and malleable pull-up leathers, resulting in wonderful contrasts and patinas over time. The updated shape of the Johnson originates from the mil-spec last used for this model that is specifically designed for army infantry to guarantee long-wearing comfort. Natural leather insoles ensure conformity to the shape of the wearer’s foot for long-term comfort in addition to a Vibram Christy sole for shock absorption and cushion. The Johnson also boasts a natural leather welt and leather laces to complete the outward statement of high-quality materials and construction. Find it here.


Every stitch has a soul

Yuketen is an American brand established in 1985 through designer Yuki Matsuda’s quest to pay homage to the American crafts and traditions. Originally from Japan, Yuki began designing and producing footwear from his California base in 1989 and has since formed creative partnerships with the finest leather footwear and luggage craftsmen in the world. Each shoe is composed of the most durable and precious materials available, such as American naked leather, which is unique for its durable yet soft finish. Yuketen’s boundary-crossing products serve the new adventurers - global nomads who seek new perspectives yet have a profound respect for the past.

Last chance to get these with a discount

“ the thing is, you don’t even know it’s the last time. Until there are no more times, and even then, it will take you a while to realize”.

This is our chain of value

“Where are these jeans made?”. We hope you appreciate this brief insight into our chain of value, and the work that lies behind making a pair of jeans. Our intention is to give you a better point of reference to the price of the clothes you buy, as it’s very complicated and the information is scarce. We also hope we will make you curious and that you will keep asking questions; not only to where the product is made in the conventional sense, but where and how all aspects of the production is done. Admittedly, our information is not complete. Read more to find out why.

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One last time to seize these

“so while you are living in these times, remember there are only so many of them and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day with them. For one last time.”

Our home

The steady buzz of old machinery at work. Freshly brewed coffee and a faint hint of campfire incense fills the air. The tailor is taking notes and measures while listening to a customer’s expectations for a brand new pair of bespoke jeans, while newly packed boxes of Livids are hastily carried down the stairs to meet the postage deadlines. In the basement, young newlyweds are rushing past old vintage clothing to reach their appointment at the photographer’s studio. This is the Livid headquarters. This is our home.

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From our diary

Livid + Frances Wave

20 February 2017

Once again we invite you all to a concert in our store with the incredible Frances Wave! Bring your friends and loved ones and join us in the shop for a mind-blowing evening this Friday the 24 of February at 20.00! 

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Livid + Vintage Drop

6 February 2017

Next Wednesday the 15th of February at 18.30 we are dropping thousands of amazing handpicked vintage in our brick-and-mortar shop in Trondheim! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to find wonderful treasures from England.

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Retro x Livid

13 December 2016

Two weeks ago the renowned high-end and Trondheim based shop Retro had their 30th anniversary. In spirit of this celebration we got together with the team at Retro to prepare an exciting limited edition collaboration that we made by hand exclusively for their 30th year in business.

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Livid + Megalodon Collective

30 November 2016

This Friday 2nd of December at 20.00 we'll be kickstarting December with hosting the great Megalodon Collective in our shop. If you have any plans, cancel them, gather your friends and loved ones and join us and ours for another rememberable night at Livid.

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