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the wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves
select indigo, wool and printed essentials for the brisk days of autumn.

This particular product is from our seasonal collection line. A wide collection of uncompromising garments of high quality. Available in a variety of retailers who shares the same passion for denim and other well made products.

We take a lot of pride in having some of our products made in Portugal and in Europe. This makes us able to do frequent visits to ensure a good working enviroment for the people who make all our products as well as frequent quality controls for all our goods.

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Coen Brown

One of this season's definite essentials is the Coen sweater. Made from 100% extra fine merino wool makes this the perfect sweater as we're heading into a chillier, colder and darker season. This top of the line garment is made from Merino wool yarns spun by Zegna Baruffa in Italy before being knitted by Malhas da Torre in Portugal.

embrace the season

autumn 16 adheres to the Japanese finesse in fabric construction, 
while maintaining the classic silhouettes of contemporary Scandinavian design. 
browse our wide range of jeans models, where each model compliments the other
while individually targeting a specific body shape and style. 

This is our chain of value

“Where are these jeans made?”. We hope you appreciate this brief insight into our chain of value, and the work that lies behind making a pair of jeans. Our intention is to give you a better point of reference to the price of the clothes you buy, as it’s very complicated and the information is scarce. We also hope we will make you curious and that you will keep asking questions; not only to where the product is made in the conventional sense, but where and how all aspects of the production is done. Admittedly, our information is not complete. Read more to find out why.

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high-grade vintage sorted, picked and curated by Livid
select your favourite singular item from our first rate vintage collection

Our home

The steady buzz of old machinery at work. Freshly brewed coffee and a faint hint of campfire incense fills the air. The tailor is taking notes and measures while listening to a customer’s expectations for a brand new pair of bespoke jeans, while newly packed boxes of Livids are hastily carried down the stairs to meet the postage deadlines. In the basement, young newlyweds are rushing past old vintage clothing to reach their appointment at the photographer’s studio. This is the Livid headquarters. This is our home.

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From our diary

Introducing: Shadow on the run

13 September 2016

I want to introduce a very talented Instagram photographer who has been collaborating with us, from England. She is an inspiring wanderer who has a great sense of details and atmospheric scenery. Looking at her imagery will make you dream of water, mountains and crisp air.

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Weaves of texture : Coen

6 September 2016

The season is starting to get colder and darker as we reach this year´s end. In these times we need to create space for our warmer garments and cover for a chillier period.

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Adventures: Livid Kick-Off

6 September 2016

The weather was daring and the wind was pulling the tents. We had set up camp at Tautra, one and a half hour north-west from Trondheim. The next day we were expecting 17 dedicated ambassadors from Carlings-stores from different parts of Norway.

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In our hearts, we will never change

26 July 2016

So, a lot has changed here. We have wanted to refresh Livid slightly for quite a while, however we still wanted to keep what made us Livid and not transform into something else.

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