Our stores

The steady buzz of old machinery at work. Freshly brewed coffee and a faint hint of campfire incense fills the air. The tailor is taking notes and measures while listening to a customer’s expectations for a brand new pair of bespoke jeans, while newly packed boxes of Livids are hastily carried down the stairs to meet the postage deadlines. In the basement, young newlyweds are rushing past old vintage clothing to reach their appointment at the photographer’s studio. This is the Livid headquarters. This is our home.


Monday — Saturday
10.00 — 18.00

(+47) 406 75 442

Kvadraturen, Oslo

Monday — Saturday
10.00 — 18.00

(+47) 922 94 176

Grünerløkka, Oslo

Monday — Saturday
11.00 — 18.00
13.00 — 17.00

(+47) 973 31 601

customer service

Shop phone: +47 406 75 442
Email us at help@livid.no


If you are interested in retailing Livid within your store, give us a shout at wholesale@livid.no


For press inquiries mail