Trade in your old Livid for 150 NOK in store credit, and we will give it new life. Reduce waste.


The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The problem has accelerated tremendously with the rise of fast fashion, as cheaper products with a short lifespan has led to a massive increase in consumption of clothes. The consumption of water and CO2 emissions are the same for any similar type of jeans produced, however the actual impact on the environment is lower for high quality garments, as they will last much longer.


As part of the solution, we believe in producing as little as possible, using the highest quality fabrics and constructions that we can find. In addition we offer free first-time repairs on all of our products, to help you make the jeans last as long as possible.

However, it will come a time where the jeans is no longer of use to you. Maybe it is so worn down that you cannot use it any more, or perhaps it no longer fits you. Or perhaps you for whatever reason are no longer using the garment. Then what?


There could be a lot of life left in a pair of jeans that no longer fits you. And even if it can no longer be used for wear, it can be reused for other functions. As a producer, we feel a responsibility to ensure a sustainable end-of-life for our products.

We would like to introduce you to Livid SAVED. If you give us your old pair of Livid jeans, in any condition, we will give you 150 NOK in store credit. Our only condition is that you wash the garment prior to delivery.

What will you do with my old jeans?

Depending on the condition of your jeans, your jeans will be used in the following manner:

1. If the jeans is still in good shape, we will fix it in-house in Trondheim and sell it at a highly reduced rate in the vintage departments of our brand stores.

2. If the condition of the jeans makes it difficult to re-sell, no problem! We will use the fabrics to patch up other pairs of Livids coming in for repair service.

3. Jeans that are in too bad shape to be used even for repairs, as well as all leftover denim from our repair department, will be delivered to Fretex. The fabric will be reused in numerous different ways, for example to make isolation mats or assembly lines. Of the textiles received by Fretex, only 2% is used for energy recovery. Read more about the great work done by Fretex here.

frequently asked questions

Learn more about our SAVED initiative here.

Does the jeans need to be washed?

Yes! This is our only requirement for receiving the garment.

Do you accept deeply damaged jeans?

Yes! Paint spills, dirt spots, holes or whatever damage there is to it. As long at it is an authentic Livid, we will receive it and secure a sustainable re-use and end-of-life for your jeans. Our only requirement is that you wash the jeans prior to delivery to us.

Do I need the receipt to SAVE my jeans?

No! As long as we can identify it as an authentic Livid Jeans, we will accept it.

Can SAVED jeans that I buy be re-SAVED for store credit?

Yes! We don't make any exceptions as long as it is a Livid Jeans. Even after re-use we can use the jeans for patching or it can give new life to entirely new products via our partner Fretex.

Where can I deliver the jeans?

We only accept returns at our brand stores in Trondheim and Oslo. Check our Contact page for directions.

Is there any expiry date on the store credit?

No. You can use it at any time you would like, to purchase any product in our store.

Where can I buy SAVED jeans?

Currently SAVED jeans can only be bought at the vintage department of our brand stores. We hope to offer the jeans for online sales in the future. Get in touch if you are particularly interested, and we can see if we have a SAVED jeans in your size!

What is the price for a SAVED jeans?

SAVED jeans are sold for 399 NOK.

Can I SAVE other products than jeans?

We currently only offer to SAVE denim jeans, due to the unique property it has to be recycled in our in-house operations. If you have other products from us that you no longer use, we encourage you to deliver it to Fretex or similar institutions for responsible handling and re-use.

I don't live in Trondheim or Oslo. Can I send my jeans to you?

We are happy to receive your Livid to be SAVED by post, as long as you cover the postage. For jeans received by post, you will receive a discount code for our online shop for 150NOK.

To send the garment, please proceed as follows:

- Make sure to wash the jeans prior to sending it.
- Put a note in the package which makes it clear that this is a garment to be SAVED. Also note down you name and email address.
- Send the jeans to:

Livid Jeans AS
Olav Tryggvasons Gate 19
7011 Trondheim