Did you know that we offer the first repair on all Livid jeans free of charge?

Good jeans become better with time: They mold to your body and gradually fade creating a beautiful and personal look. But even jeans made in the most durable denim qualities will eventually be in need of repair. Doing so will drastically increase the life of your garment.

Our first free repair covers normal wear and tear on your jeans that will effect the life of the garment: Early stage holes at the crotch, inner thigh, knee and pocket lining.

To ensure that this free repair creates a pleasing result and maximises the life of your jeans, we require that you hand in your jeans for repair at an early stage. A good time for repair is when the fabric is starting to wear thin or has just worn through, but before the worn out spot has expanded to a large hole. That way we can both repair damage but also prevent further damage from spreading.

We will gladly repair your jeans again when needed after your first repair, as well as fix wear and tear outside the scope of what is covered by the first free repair. Charges for time and materials will apply in these cases, and shipping charges if you can’t visit our locations.

Repairs can be delivered to our stores in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger.

If you need to ship it to us, please contact us at, and we will assist you.

NOTE: Please do not send garments for repair by mail before contacting us.

Garments sent in for repair must be clean to insure the health and safety of our team. Garments that have not been cleaned prior to sending, will be returned back to the owner.

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