How do Livid jeans run on size?

Our sizes are based on “vanity” sizing, which means that a 32” waist is only a indication of the size and not actual true to a 32” inch waist measure. We recommend you take a look at our fit guide where you’ll find the measurements needed to choose which model and size that’ll fit you best. You can also have a look through our measuring guide where we’ll help you step by step into getting the correct measurements.

How do I decide which style of jeans that’ll fit be best?

There are a lot of different personal preferences as to how one wears a pair of jeans. But, most importantly, it always comes down to which jeans model that will complement your personal body shape in the best way. Our range of jeans models is built wide, where each model compliments the other while individually targeting a specific body shape and style. We know it can seem a bit overwhelming, but be patient and thorough, and make sure you pick the model that is the perfect fit for you. We recommend you take a look through our fit guide, where the introduction of each model might give you a good indication. If you’re still uncertain, contact us on and we’ll gladly guide you into your first pair of Livids.

How do I decide which size I am?

We recommend you take a look at our fit guide where you’ll find the measurements needed to choose which model and size that’ll fit you best. Often we see our customers choose the same size as they use from other brands that also operate with “vanity sizing”. For the best fitting when purchasing rigid (100% cotton) jeans, we recommend you to purchase the size that are closest down from your measurements. When purchasing jeans made from a stretch fabric, we recommend one size smaller that what you would normally wear. Please note that these are only recommendations, as to there are different personal preferences as to how one wears a pair of jeans.

Do you make custom and bespoke products?

Yes, we do! But unfortunately - to guarantee the best result possible - we only do made-to-measure orders through fitting sessions with our trained patternmaker in our shop. Therefore you will have to schedule a meeting and visit us in Trondheim, Norway. Please contact us at for custom and made-to-measure inquiries.

Where are Livid Jeans products produced?

Firstly, thank you kindly for asking about the origin of our products. All seasonal products from our ready-to-wear line is manufactured at different facilities located in the north region of Portugal, Barcelos and Oporto. We take great pride in having our garment manufacturing in Portugal and in Europe. This makes us able to do frequent visits to always ensure a good working environment for the people who make all of our products as well as making frequent quality controls for all of our goods. And, did you know that our complete chain of value is a 100% transparent, and that you can trace our product from the shop and all the way to the cotton harvester? Have a look here! We also run the only remaining day-to-day jeans manufacturing facility in Scandinavia, and produce today up to fifteen pairs of handmade premium quality jeans a week. Both including custom and standard sizings. The factory is also completely transparent and is located in our brick-and-mortar shop in Trondheim. Norway. The products that we make here are made from the highest and most premium denim fabric there is, touched by only four hands until reaching the end customer, and handcrafted on non-automated industrial machines. Everything is done in-house and we don’t use any third party vendor to do our production work. Read more here.

What kind of fabrics do you use?

All of our jeans - with no exception - are made with superior narrow- and wide-loom fabric qualities from renowned Japanese and American mills like Nihon Menpu, Kuroki, Kurabo, Showa and Cone Mills. For our tops we also mostly use superior Japanese qualities with some exceptions where we use qualities from other known European mills, like amongst others waxed cotton from British Millerain, wool from Abraham Moon and custom oxfords and shirting from Somelos. Fabric origins are always stated in the products description. You can also read about all our suppliers in our Chain of Value section here

Are your jeans sanforized? (pre-shrunk)

All of our jeans are pre-shrunk and will only shrink up to 2,5-5% depending on degree, which is mostly relevant to dry finishes that has not be washed, rinsed or treated in any way during the production process. For pre-washed garments, you should expect little to none shrinkage. We recommend you wash your jeans or shirting at 30 degrees for minimal amount of shrinkage unless stated otherwise in the washing tab inside the product.

Soaking, and should I give my brand new pair a soak before use?

Soaking your jeans may do wonders to both fitting as well as to prolonging the life of your brand new project. Most of the time though, it is only relevant if the product has a dry finish and has not yet been rinsed or washed. We recommend giving your pair a quick rinse for maximum 2 hours in low temperature water after one week of continuous wear. This will prevent early crotch blowouts and increase density and strength to the fabric. The soak will also do wonders to the fitting as stretched seams during the production process will shrink back to its originated form. Read more about soaking here

What is important when washing my jeans?

Always, always remember to turn your jeans inside out before putting them into your washer! When they are finished, hang them to dry and do not let them lie folded wet for too long. If you do not remember this, you may get vertical white stripes throughout the entire jeans, which will not go away.

When and how often should I wash my Livid Jeans?

Wash them whenever you want! Our jeans are of high quality and will endure regular washing. We do recommend though, that you only wash them once or twice a month. Read more in our Love & Care section

When can I expect my first crotch rip?

Jeans in any form and quality are made with cotton, which will endure only a certain amount of use. When you will get your first crotch rip and when exactly your jeans will be in need of its first repair will depend on a lot of different things. How often you use them, how you care for them, how your personal body shape is and how your preference as to how you wear them will all have a say into as how long they will last. This will always be very individual. Read our Love & Care guide to prolong the life of your jeans, and if you are uncertain of any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries. Our customers are our life line, and we will always ensure that you are happy with the results of our work!

My first raw jeans, when should I wash them?

Wash them whenever you want! But, remember, the longer you wait before you wash your jeans, the higher contrast fading you will get. It is often said that washing your denims will not have any impact on the fading process. This is not entirely correct. The first wash will slow down the fading process of your jeans as water and heat combined, will make the indigo molecules bind more into the empty spaces of the cotton fibers. Read more about the indigo dye and the beauty of dry denim here

What is your biggest size?

At our In-house production, we are able to make whatever size that you need. Both in waist and length. Our seasonal ready-to-wear collection line carries size 38 as the biggest on our models Roald and Jone. All of our sizes are listed on each individual product in our web shop. If they’re not listed, we are either out of stock or it hasn’t been produced. You are welcome to contact us for any inquiries at

Do you offer repairs?

Yes, we do! When purchasing a pair of Livid you also get your first repair free of charge. Shipping charges will be at your own expense. Contact us at for repair inquiries. Please do not send us garments for repair before contacting us.

What is selvage denim?

Selvage denim is a narrow woven denim fabric that is made on old-style shuttle looms rather than wide modern projectile looms which creates a much wider fabric. Selvage is woven using on continuous cross thread throughout the entire fabric bolt. The weft cross thread goes back and forth rather than individual threads for each cross weave, creating a self edge on each side of the fabric. Selvage denim has a much slower production than conventionally produced denim. The old narrow shuttlelooms produce three meters of around 75 centimeter wide selvage denim per hour, while being frequently oiled and closely supervised by experienced craftsmen. With such a slow and expensive production, selvage denim is usually made with only the highest quality of raw cotton materials. This combined with a low speed production in which produces far less stress on the yarn makes the fabric a softer and more durable fabric.

What is raw (dry) denim?

Raw - or dry - denim refers to unwashed and untreated denim straight off the fabric loom.

Do you make jeans for women?

Yes, we do! See our entire selection here.

What is your return policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchased merchandise, we will gladly accept returns within 14 days of delivery. When returning items purchased on our web shop you are entitled to a full refund or item exchange. All returned merchandise shall be returned in its original condition and shall only be returned with original tags and packaging, unwashed and unused. Shipping charges will be at your own expense. Please read more about our return/exchange policy here.

How do you manage shipping and handling?

All products purchased through our online shop are sent from Norway. All orders shipped within the Norwegian borders will be shipped with Posten Norge, while orders in Europe and worldwide are shipped with UPS or DHL. When your order has been processed and sent, you will receive confirmation including tracking number for your package.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

How do you charge sales tax?

All displayed prices include Norwegian value added tax at 25%. For international customer, we send under DDP terms (Deliver Duty Paid), meaning that there will be no additional costs for you locally after checkout. We will handle payment of all local taxes and duties.

What is your privacy policy?

When subscribing to our newsletter or placing an order at the Livid Jeans online shop your personal information will be collected. Livid Jeans will handle all personal information in the strictest confidence. We only collect information about you to process your order and will never pass any personal details or order details to any other company other that for express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.

Comments, complaints, questions or feedback?

We always appreciate any comments, feedback or question you may have, and these may be addressed to us at If you have any complaints regarding any products or services you might have received these are to be addressed to the same address. For complaints on products or services received from other places than our online shop or at our store in Trondheim, we recommend addressing them at the store you bought the goods.