Our Made In Norway collection line heeds to uniqueness and authenticity. To high quality and conservancy. And more importantly to transparency and knowledge within garment production. Essentially, it heeds to everything opposite to the competitive force of poor quality made unsustainably.

Livid originated as a one man denim brand. Being a manufacturing company at its core has been a key factor when forging the way we think, the way we create and construct and the way we distribute our garments. What initiated from one old industrial lockstitch sewing machine from Singer has today developed into a proper manufacturing facility. Located in our brick-and-mortar in Trondheim, Norway and today the only remaining day-to-day jeans manufacturing facility in Scandinavia.

While some jeans are made with twenty or even hundreds of hands, our jeans are made with only four. Mostly crafted with hand felled seams and cut and sewn together with only a few handpicked industrial machines. All of which has contributed in different factories all over Norway throughout our country’s textile history. Mostly made with a single needle lockstitch construction and crafted locally in Trondheim, Norway, by us without any help from third vendor parties.

Made to last and to be loved while establishing a long lasting relationship with its owner.
It’s our responsibility to keep old trade and the conventional craft of making jeans alive. While all domestic production is being shut down or moved abroad, we are expanding and holding true to our roots. A once blooming textile industry in Norway is gone and soon the fine craft with it. While industrial jobs is being replaced by corporate, our handmade line aims to withhold old traditions and work towards being an inspiration towards sustainable production of quality made goods.

Our Made in Norway collection include exclusively the highest premium quality selvage denim fabrics from renowned Japanese mills such as Nihon Menpu and Kuroki.