Birkenstock traces its history back to 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock is listed in Church Archives in Langen-Bergheim as a cobbler. It's however his great-great-grandson Konrad Birkenstock that really starts the Birkenstock business in 1896 when he begins manufacturing and selling flexible footbed insoles. 1902 saw the development of the first flexible arch-support for insertion into factory-made shoes; and in 1963, Karl Birkenstock developed these inserts into a shoe — thus producing the original prototype of the Birkenstock sandal, the Madrid sandal.

We don't just love Birkenstocks for their comfort, support and their practical good looks. We also appreciate the way they are made. The sandals we carry are still manufactured in Germany. Already in 1988 Birkenstock switched to environmentally friendly adhesives in production, and in 1990 when they modernised their plant, they reduced their energy consumption by 90 percent.

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