Paraboot have been making shoes in France since 1908. Their factory is located in Saint Jean de Moirans, at the foot of the Alps. Here you’ll see cutters, seamstresses and craftsmen’s engrossed in their work – which requires knowhow and concentration. With quick, precise, confident movements, they choose the best part in the skin, cut them and assemble them.

The quality of leathers, meticulously selected at tanneries, plays a determining role in the comfort, lifespan and appearance of Paraboot shoes. And, of course, their construction. When new glues and plastic soles were developed in the 30s, most shoe factories switched to gluing soles to lighter uppers, which required less qualified workers and lowered the cost of the shoes. Gluing came with the downside: It lowered the quality and lifespan of the shoes. The old production plants disappeared. Paraboot took a stand, and decided to keep their focus on sturdy quality shoes, with stitched construction, either Goodyear or Norwegian Welt. They are to this day famous for their iconic rubber soles with the characteristic Norwegian Welt construction, and their high quality leather uppers.

77% of the raw materials are from France; they are either French materials or processed in France. With the exception of Cordovan Leather from America, the other leather merchants used are all in Europe. They all comply with the requirements of the various applicable European legislation in force.