0405 Bottle Round
1820,00 kr
Inspired by Morandi’s still life, Frama's Bottle Round appears weighty and sturdy—almost architectural. Expertly handcrafted, it's designed for daily multifunction as a beverage jug, vase, or decorative object.
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Made in Denmark

Inspired by Giorgio Morandi’s still life representations, Frama's Bottle Round has a weighty, solid, and sturdy appearance—almost architectural in form.

Each piece in the 0405 Collection is an individual work of art, expertly handcrafted by a glassblower and shaped to create a tactile experience. Designed for daily use, the glass bottle multifunctions as a beverage jug, vase for freshly cut flowers, or decorative object.

For a coordinated dining set, pair Bottle Wide with other pieces from the 0405 Glassware Collection.

Due to the handmade nature of the glass, each piece is unique

Highly durable, dishwasher-safe glass

H 18 / Ø 5.5 cm
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