702 Eau de Parfum
560,00 kr
The top notes feature incense, lemon, and pink pepper, blending spicy and green hints with French lavender. The journey ends with cashmere wood, vanilla, and white musk, crafting a fresh yet warm fragrance for the curious.
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Made in France

The 702 from Bon Parfumeur.

The top notes unleash notes of incense, elemi, lemon and pink pepper, forming a half-spicy, half-green blend that issues floral hints and a touch of French lavender from the south of France. The olfactory journey draws to a close with cashmere wood, vanilla, balsam of Peru and white musk. Fresh yet warm, traditional yet rock ‘n’ roll, understated yet full of personality, 702 is a fragrance of contradictions that will appeal to the curious at heart.


Top: Incense, elemi, lemon, pink berry

Heart: Lavender, cashmere wood, cedar

Base: Peru balsam, vanilla, white musk

Mix & Match:
702 Layered with the aquatic 801 creates a deep but delicate blend that definitely evokes distant and exotic destinations.
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