801 Eau de Parfum
560,00 kr
Sea breeze brushes our face, refreshing with Italian citrus trio. Wind carries spices, pink pepper, nutmeg amidst sun-dried woods. A fragrance of sea, spray, sun, for all year round.
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Made in France

The 801 from Bon Parfumeur.

Sea, spray and sun! Like the sea breeze brushing against our face, 801 refreshes us with its trio of Italian citrus fruits. This wind then picks up, sending spices, pink pepper and nutmeg swirling. The rows of cedars and cypresses fill the air with their facets of wood dried by the sun’s rays. A summer fragrance to wear all year round.


Top: Italian lemon, Mandarin, Ivy, Grapefruit

Heart: Rosemary, Pink pepper, Nutmeg, Sea Spray

Base: Cedar, Cypress, White musks

Mix & Match:
801 is one of the most versatile scents with regards to mixing, adding an immediate seaside sensation.Try combining it with the floral 101 and 102 or the fruity 202 for bright summery scents, or layer it with the spicy 302 for a fresh scent with deep notes of amber.
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