The Aiden is our most oversized shirt, designed to be unisex.

Sizes XS and S are made to fit most women, and shorter men.
Sizes M and L are made to fit most men, and taller women.

Between sizes S and M, the sleeves become 5 cm longer to accommodate standard men's sleeve lengths. XS and S accommodate standard women's sleeve lengths.

In other words your height and arm length is the deciding factor for sizing the Aiden shirt, since the shirt is oversized enough to fit most bodies in width.

Uncertain of how to take measures? Read our measuring guide here.

Measuring guide

Size Front Length Shoulders Chest Bottom Opening Sleeve Length
79 61 56 54 46
81 63 58 56 48
Medium 83 65 60 58 53
Large 85 67 62 60 55