Apothecary Body Wash Refill
400,00 kr
Frama's Apothecary Body Wash, a blend of nourishing oils and extracts, restores balance and hydration, leaving skin soft. Featuring sandalwood, cedar, and ylang ylang for a refreshing cleanse supporting healthy skin.
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Made in Denmark

Frama's Apothecary Body Wash is a plant-based cleanser for the body that contains a blend of nourishing oils and mineral-rich extracts. Featuring the collection's signature scent, this aromatic body wash is highlighted by notes of sandalwood, cedar, and ylang ylang. Its gentle lather and natural active ingredients restore balance and hydration, leaving skin soft, renewed, and protected. Formulated for everyday use, the Apothecary Body Wash provides an invigorating and refreshing cleanse that supports healthy skin.

500 mL refill bottle for your permanent glass bottle.

Pairs perfectly with Frama's Apothecary Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.

- Ylang Ylang
- Sandalwood
- Cedar wood

Frama's Apothecary line is genderless, vegan, sustainably sourced, and come's in reusable bottles.This refill comes in a light plastic bottle, 500 mL.
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