Apothecary Hand Wash
450,00 kr
Frama's Apothecary Hand Wash, created with their signature scent, offers a fresh and aromatic cleansing experience, refreshing and softening hands with pure ingredients.
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Made in Denmark

Frama's mild Apothecary Hand Wash has been created with their signature scent, providing a naturally fresh and aromatic cleansing experience that refreshes and softens the hands. Developed with pure ingredients, the Apothecary Hand Wash also provides a pleasing aromatic scent to accompany the Hand Wash’s distinct clean. It's made in Denmark and is bottled in custom colored Italian glass bottles.

Pairs perfectly with Frama's Apothecary Hand Lotion and Body Wash.

- Ylang Ylang
- Sandalwood
- Cedar wood

Frama's Apothecary line is genderless, vegan, sustainably sourced, and come's in reusable bottles. 375 mL.
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