Paraboot Chambord Noir

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Made in France

Paraboot’s designs major on noble materials, details that are just right – and being kind to your feet. Shoes should fit the foot, not the other way round! Paraboot’s no-nonsense models are the result of the tireless quest for balance and simplicity.

- Handsewn in France following the companies values and traditions since 1908

How it's made

Paraboot has been Made in France since 1908. The two factories are located in Izeaux and Tullins-Fures, both at the foot of the Alps. Here you’ll see cutters, seamstresses and craftsmen’s engrossed in their work – which requires knowhow and concentration. With quick, precise, confident movements, they choose the best part in the skin, cut them and assemble them.

The quality of leathers, meticulously selected at tanneries, plays a determining role in the comfort, lifespan and appearance of Paraboot shoes.

77% of the raw materials are from France; they are either French materials or processed in France. With the exception of Cordovan Leather from America, the other leather merchants used are all in Europe. They all comply with the requirements of the various applicable European legislation in force.

Love & Care

Protect your investment

Perspiration and rain are the enemies of leather. A non-varnished shoe tree will absorb any dampness from your shoes, keep their shape and increase their lifetime.
After wearing them, always place your shoes on non-varnished shoe trees and leave them open to the air at room temperature (always away from sources of heat). In rainy or snowy weather, clean them with clear water to avoid white marks appearing on the upper. If your leather-soled shoes become wet, leave them to dry on their sides to allow the water to run off more easily. In addition, to increase the lifetime of your shoes and for the wellbeing of your feet, we recommend not wearing the same pair several days running.

Well before you notice that your shoes are becoming damaged, take the time to take care of them regularly. To do so properly, you’ll need to follow a number of simple steps.

1. Clean
Light Cleaning
Use warm water and a soft bristle brush to remove stuck-on dirt. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt.

2. Condition
Proper conditioning helps preserve the finish and life of your footwear. We recommend using a natural leather oil or salve.

3. Protect
Add extra protection to preserve your footwear. A Leather Protector provides an invisible shield from water, dirt, oil and mud.

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