Lint Brush Charcoal
190,00 kr
Keep your clothes and furniture flawless, free from hair, dust, fuzz, dandruff, and pet hair. Easy to use, self-cleaning. Just brush away and twist the handle.
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Steamery's new lint brush is a perfect substitute for the old tape rollers you keep buying. Keeping your clothes and furniture flawless and free from hair, dust, fuzz, dandruff and pet hair. Easy to use and self cleaning, just brush away, and twist the handle.

The bristle is made of a polyester weave where all the tiny bristles are pointed in the same tilted direction. Thus, when moving the brush against the bristles, the bristle will lift and catch the lint, hair, dandruff, and dirt. Twist the handle 2–3 times to clean the brush. Push on the lid on top of the brush to empty the container.
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