Michael Lisse Marron
6000,00 kr
Launched in 1945, the iconic Michael, inspired by Tyrolean work shoes from the 1900s, features characteristic piped seams, two eyelets, and chunky Norwegian welt seams.
+ Description
Made in France.

Paraboot's most iconic shoe, first launched in 1945 and popular (and imitated) ever since. Inspired by traditional Tyrolean work shoes from the early 1900s, the Michael features characteristic piped seams, two eyelets and chunky Norwegian welt seams securing the upper to Paraboot's famous Marche soles.

Now iconic as a city shoe, the Tyrolean work shoe heritage, the Norwegian welted construction and comfortable and grippy rubber soles, make Michael a perfect shoe for all year Scandinavian conditions, whether wet, icy or snow, or as it often happens: All three at the same time.

Note. We only ship Paraboot to Europe.
+ Fitguide

Michael fits true to size on most customers. Some customers size down half a size for a better fit around the heel, but often it's enough to tighten the laces harder instead of sizing down. Customers with wide feet will usually want to size half a size up.

They should fit comfortably, with enough room in front to move your toes freely, and enough air around your foot to accommodate a thick sock for all-year use. 

+ Care

Invest a little time to care for your leather shoes every now and again, and you will be rewarded with shoes that last longer and look great.

How often you need to treat your shoes varies greatly depending on usage, weather and the terrain you're in. But when you feel it's time for a little care, we recommend to follow these easy steps:


Light cleaning: Use warm water and soft bristle brush to remove stuck-on dirt. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt and moisture.

Deep cleaning: For heavily soiled areas, use a good leather cleaner. Wipe the cleaner away with a damp cloth and allow the leather to dry.

Cleaning salt stains: For salt stained leather, we recommend using Saphir's Winter Stain Remover. And afterwards protecting your shoes with Saphir's Super Invulner Spray to protect them from further stains.


Apply a high quality shoe cream, like Saphir’s creme 1925, with a clean, soft cloth. Shine the shoe by brushing with a soft horse-hair brush. This will give much needed moisture to the leather, while giving protection against the elements and added shine.

When using a new product for the first time, we recommend testing shoe creams and conditioners on an inconspicuous part of the shoe before applying it the the rest of the shoe.


Add extra protection to preserve your footwear. Saphir's Super Invulner spray waterproofs the most delicate leathers, and offers superior protection against water, snow, stains and grease.

General every-day care recommendations

A non-varnished cedar shoe tree will absorb any dampness from your shoes, keep their shape and increase their lifetime.

In snowy and slushy weather, clean your shoes with a wet cloth when you come home to avoid white salt marks to appear and drying out the leather.

If your leather-soled shoes become wet, leave them to dry on their sides to allow the water to run off more easily.

In addition, to increase the lifetime of your shoes, we recommend alternating shoes, instead of wearing the same pair several days running.

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