Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver - Sand
650,00 kr
Gentle yet effective, the Fabric Shaver removes lint and pilling from materials with precision razor blades. It's efficient for clothes and home textiles, enhancing their appearance and feel.
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Representing the ideal balance between function and aesthetics. Pilo No.2 Fabric Shaver is gentle yet effective and removes lint and pilling from all kinds of materials. With 6 precision razor blades and a large shaving area, Pilo No.2 Fabric Shaver is stronger and more efficient than other fabric shavers on the market.

Pilo No.2 Fabric Shaver works perfectly on both clothes and home textiles, like knits, coats, scarfs, socks, sofas, armrests and blankets. It works on all kinds of materials, even the most delicate ones, and also features a new solution that makes it easier to clean the machine from fuzz.

A lot of knitwear that is thrown away, would be almost as good as new with a quick going over with a fabric shaver. Knits that can feel worn out ragged, are often just pilling, and have a lot of life left in them. Properly taking care of your clothing will make them last much longer.
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