Pur 01
1549,00 kr
A Mediterranean essence where rose, lavender, and thyme blend, reminiscent of a warm sunset. Eucalyptus and sparkling spices pass by, finishing with amber and wood for an addictive effect.
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Made in Norway and France

Son Venïn's PUR 01 is the essence of a Mediterranean country where rose, lavender and thyme blended together reminds you of a warm sunset and the fresh notes of eucalyptus and sparkling spices passing by you. A charismatic fragrance that finishes with touches of amber and wood for a long lasting and addictive effect.

Top: saffron, cardamom, eucalyptus, bergamot

Heart: thyme bouquet, lavender, rose petals

Bottom: labdanum, gaïac wood & patchouli

Contains 50 mL.
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