Saltwater Jasmine 7.2 Oz Candle
350,00 kr
Invoke coastal mornings with the warmth of the rising sun and dew-collecting wild white blossoms. A scent that's crisp, clean, and reminiscent of the sea with hints of bergamot, sea moss, and sandalwood.
+ Description
Made in USA

P.F. Candle Co.'s new scent Saltwater Jasmine invokes coastal mornings blanketed in a gentle marine layer, the warmth of the rising sun, wild white blossoms collecting dew. Ozonic, crisp, clean. Bergamot, sea moss, and sandalwood.

Top notes of ozone, Muguet and Bergamot. A clean middle of Jasmine, Lemon and Sea Moss. Base notes of Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood.
+ Care

Even candles need a little love & care, to really maximise your experience. Follow these few steps for optimal performance:

- Prior to each lighting, trim the wick to 6 mm for a clean and smoke free burn.
- On your first light, allow the entire surface of wax to melt – Minimum of 3 hours.
- For all burns, never let it go on for more than 4 hours. The candle will still release scent after the flame is out.
- Keep the wick centered. After each burn, adjust the wick while the wax is still molten if needed.

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