Santal Super
1550,00 kr
An all-day-addictive, pure, confident, democratic, and warm scent. Atmospheric with a bite of pepper, balance of clean jasmine, cardamom hints, sandalwood, and cedar. Warm and inviting with epic notes.
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Made in Norway and France

Son Venïn's SANTAL SUPER is an all-day-addictive pure, confident, democratic and warm perfume that you want to hug.

It is atmospheric, warm scented with a bite of pepper, the fresh balance of clean jasmine with hints of cardamom. Spheric with ever-loving sandalwood & cedar woody notes together with epic ISO E-Super.

Top: pepper, bergamot, green notes

Heart: eucalyptus, incense, cardamon, jasmine

Bottom: sandalwood, cedar wood & white musk

Contains 50 mL.
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