Sport Loisir Outdoor - Neutral
169,00 kr
Great for mountain, walking, hunting, sports, horse riding footwear, including smooth leather, greased leather, and greased nubuck. Specifically designed for outdoor activities.
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Made in France

The Saphir Sport Loisir Outdoor is a leather grease for all kinds of outdoor activities. Great for mountain, walking, hunting, sports, and horse riding footwear with courser leather. Can be used on smooth leather, greased leather and greased nubuck.

Meant for sports and leisure footwear. For fine leather shoes we recommend using other Saphir products, like their creme 1925.


Brush your shoes to remove dirt and dust. Clean with leather soap if needed.

Apply Sports Loisir with a cotton cloth or spreading brush.

Leave to draw into the leather for a while.

Remove excess grease and polish the leather with a soft cotton cloth.

Keep in mind that the leather to be treated will become darker in color.
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