Tarmac Black
2000,00 kr
Wollow's suede leather ghillie laced sneaker in Black.
+ Description
Made in Romania.

Handcrafted in Europe with equal focus on design and responsibility. Wollow's Tarmac is made with vegetable tanned suede leather uppers, with ghillie lacing detailing drawn from their original Open sandal/sneaker hybrid.

Fitted with breathable recycled foam insole developed by Arneplant, ensuring comfort, breathability and long-lasting shcok absorption. Finished with natural rubber soles and an antibacterial lining for exceptional moisture management and odour control.

Made in Romania where the vulcanisation of the natural rubber sole is done in kilns, ensuring a durable and flexible sole with a superb finish.

- Natural rubber soles
- Vegetable tanned suede leather upper
- Breathable recycled foam insole made by Arneplant in Europe
- Organic cotton laces
+ Fitguide
Wollow's Tarmac fits True to size with a wide forefoot which allows your toes to move freely. We recommend to choose a your regular size for a comfortable fit.
+ Care

Invest a little time to care for your leather shoes every now and again, and you will be rewarded with shoes that last longer and look great.

How often you need to treat your shoes varies greatly depending on usage, weather and the terrain you're in. But when you feel it's time for a little care, we recommend to follow these easy steps:


Simply clean your suede shoes with a clean damp cloth, this is especially important to do if they've been exposed to salty slush during winter. Allow to dry.

For stains and spots, a crepe brush easily removes stains while preserving the nep of the suede. If needed for tougher stains, use a leather cleaner. 


Add extra protection to preserve your footwear. Saphir's Super Invulner spray waterproofs the most delicate leathers, and offers superior protection against water, stains and grease. This will protect your shoes from water and dirt.


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